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Are Russian Soldiers In Gori, Georgia?

A Moscow Times reporter saw about 50 trucks with Russian solders moving toward Gori from the east while an advisor to President Saakashvili, said the Russian military was using Gori as a staging area for looting raids on neighboring villages. The Moscow Times reports a convoy of journalists and diplomats heading for Gori from Tibilisi were halted about two kilometers from Gori and prevented from proceeding any further. Finally, a group of diplomats were allowed to enter Gori but the reporters were detained at the check point. It is still unclear exactly how many Russian troops are in Gori or whether they also have tanks in the city.

President Medvedev has declared a national day of mourning for Russian and South Ossetians who died during the last few days of fighting. Russia’s military says 74 of its troops died in the fighting and about 171 were wounded. There is still controversy as to the number of South Ossetians and Georgians who died as a result of the war.

The reality is the status quo of what was present prior to the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia will be maintained. President Sarkozy believes the cease fire will hold and most probably the two breakaway provinces will maintain their independence. President Saakashvil destroyed any real possibility for dealing with problems arising from the areas breaking away by his ill advised invasion of South Ossetia.