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Descending Stars Of Republican Party?

The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower has become the laughing stock of the world after the latest episode in “Rising Stars” being transformed into flickering specks descending into the dark holes of space. Senator John Ensign was discovered shacking up with a member of his staff who was married to another member of his staff, Senator Larry Craig has an unfortunate episode in a men’s room in Minnesota while his colleague, former senator Norm Coleman of that state, has doomed his party in the eyes of inhabitants by an ongoing series of law suits seeking to deny Al Franken the victor in an election the right to obtain his senate seat. Of course, out in the wilds of Alaska Sarah Palin is shooting moose or squirrels in order to prove she is as good as any man in the Republican party. Of course, these days, she would be better off proofing she was better than any woman in the party when it comes to intelligence. Then again, she might be better off shooting moose.

But, to top off this conglomeration of ineptitude, Governor Mark Sandford of South Carolina has returned from his supposed trip hiking on the Appalachian Trail to reveal he wasn’t hiking at all, but wandering around some unknown destination in Argentine. He lied to his wife, he lied to his children(on Father’s Day, no less), he lied to his staff, he lied to the Lt. Governor, and he certainly lied to the people of his state. Another “rising star” of the Republican Party is now a dark shadow in the wilds of Argentine.

Oh, we forgot the ongoing rising star of Bill Bennett, that paragon of supposed intelligence who complained to the media that President Obama was not adopting a forceful stand on Iran and should do something bold like sending phone cards and Xerox machines to the youth of Iran. Exactly how the Xerox machines would be delivered is unclear although there are rumors they might be sent via a ship from Argentine. Ah, now we know why Governor Sanford was in Argentine!