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Soldiers From Minorities In Britain Urged

A report from the Defence Select Committee of Parliament strongly suggested the importance of extending recruitment efforts in Great Britain in order to bring members of min ority groups into the armed forces. The committee noted: “We are deeply concerned that the armed forces are operating at or above levels of concurrent operations they are resourced and structured to deliver for seven out of the last eight years.” In other words, the British miltary is being asked to accomplish tasks that strain their resources and morale among members of the military is decreasing under the strain.

The British government has concluded that when it ventures into tasks that far exceed the capacity of those coming from majority groups within society, the solution is to reach out to minorities and have them fill the gap. The goal has been to have an 8% recruitment level from minorities in Great Britain but only 5.8% are from this group and the Air Force only has 1.6% from minority groups. Perhaps, the solution is to not get involved in military operations in the first place.

McSchool Is The Solution To Education Problems

The McDonald corporation has come to the needs of people who seek fast but poor food in order to meet their nutritional needs, and now the good people of that organization are preparing a fast schooling menu. Along with two other large corporations, McDonalds has been given the power by the British Education Ministry of awarding the equivalent of high school qualifications as part of a plan to improve young people’s skills. It is the first time the government has grantd national recognition to corporate training schemes. But, universities and colleges will have to decide if they wish to accept the corporate qualifications for admission purposes.

McDonalds has been impowered o develop courses and set exams for standard A levels of achievement. The corporation said it is establishing a “basic shift manager” course, designed to train staff in skills needed to run a McDonald’s outlet. Corporate officials stated: “this is an important step towards ending the old divisions between company training schemes and national qualifications, something that will benefit employees, employers and the country as a whole.”

Why not take the entire process one more step and simply turn over schools to McDonalds? They can speed up the process of education and ensure some sort of quality control. After all, they have speeded up eating, there is no reason why the can not speed up learning. I wonder if there is any room in the McDonalds scheme for displaced teachers. I am certain they can learn to make hamburgers as they teach students math and science and history.

Gordon Brown And Sarkozy Clash Over Europe’s Future

Prime Minister Gordon Brown of England clashed with French President Sarkozy over future directions of Europe. Brown was able to persuade European Union leaders to agree there would not be any changes in direction or structure “for the forseeable future.” Sarkozy wants to create a group of “wise men” who would examine the European Union in order to develop new strategies which would compel its members to more closely integrate their economies and political structures within the framework of a redeveloped European Union. He believes the time has been reached in the history of European development for a “new European dream” which entails integrated armed forces, integrated foreign policy, and more completely integrated political systems. The French president also differs with Brown over the issue of allowing Turkey to become a member of the EU, an action he opposes while Brown is more willing to consider the possibility.

As the European Union matures, it becomes more cognizant of how further economic, political, and military integration can enhance its power and prestige in the world. Sarkozoy is leaning in that direction while Brown, like many other European leaders, is not yet prepared to consider such changes. Perhaps, in the short term, Brown’s view will be accepted, but in the long term there is a strong likelihood the Sarkozy “European dream” might eventually become a reality.

Great Britain Expands Offshore Wind Power

Great Britain’s business secretary announced that his nation is poised to make a major investment in offshore wind farms. Hundreds of new turbines would generate over 30 megawatts of clean electricity annually— enough to light every home in Britain. John Hutton expressed the vision of a new approach to global warming by stating that given the decline in oil production from North Sea rigs, ‘it’s time we sourced more energy from our other abundant natural resources — sea and wind.” his nation has given a commitment to the European Union that by 2020, at least 20% of energy would come from renewable sources. At present these sources only account for about 2% of Britain’s energy so moving to 20% will require enormous expenditures on the part of the government.

Hutton gave his talk in Germany, a nation whose Chancellor, Angela Merkel, announced a plan to spend $4.9 billion in an effort to move her nation from having 14% of energy come from renewable sources to about 30% by 2020. One can only wonder when an American president is going to assume leadership in the fight to make renewable energy a major factor in this nation’s energy program.