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Denmark Experimented With Children

It has come to light that in 1951 the Danish government attempted a eugenic experiment by taking 22 children from their families in Greenland and bringing them to Denmark where they were subjected to an intensive program to transform them into good Danish citizens. A goal of the experiment was to train an elite group of Greenland citizens who would return home and become leaders of their nation. Actually, the experiment failed since the children were given to Danish families and never returned to Greenland. Half died as young adults and those who are still alive seek an apology from the Danish government.

In the early decades of the 20th century American eugenics fostered ideas that society should focus on those with innate ability and prevent those doomed to lives of crime and poverty to extinction by means of such approaches as sterilization. Eugenics became a popular idea in European and was adopted by Nazi Germany which used it to justify the murder of millions of people they deemed to be subhuman.

The Danish government owes an apology to children who were harmed.