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No Go To Gitmo Show Claims Saudi Prisoner

A prisoner being held in Guantanamo bluntly told the military tribunal which was going to put him on trial that he would not participate in the charade known as a trial. Ahmded Al-Darbi, a relative of one of the September 11 hjackers told the pretrial hearing he does not want a lawyer and he will not even defend himself creating a new delay in a legal process that repeatedly has been stalled by one issue after another. He announced through a translator: “I declare my objection to this court and I wll not be present at this trial.” He noted that he had been held for six years awaiting trial and as far as he is concerned he can spend the rest of his life in Guantanamo prison. “History will record these trials as a scandal. I advice you the judge and everyone else who is present to not continue with this play, this sham.”

Army Lt. Col. Bryan Broyles will continue representing him despite his objections. But, Broyles said the legal ethics code of his home state of Kentucky might prevent him from representing someone who doesn’t even want to mount a defense and he hinted at a legal challenge on this issue. Broyles hinted he might push for hiring a lawyer from Saudi Arabia since the prisoner indicated he might be willing to proceed with a lawyer from his own nation.

Al-Darbi said he was interrogated in Afghanistan by Army Pfc. Damien Corsetti, a counterintelligence specialist, who subsequently was acquitted of charges of maltreatment and assault in a 2006 court-martial. Broyles told the court that Crosetti struck his client and he and other soldiers left Darbi hanging from his handcuffs during interrogations.

Unfortunately, in this case the Saudi prisoner is correct, history will record these “trials” as conducted under improper procedures and lacking in normal American concepts of a fair trial.