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Suicides Or Torture Deaths In Guantanamo Prison?

Three prisoners died in June, 2006 in the infamous Guantanamo prison, and, according to official American sources they were part of a suicide plan to embarrass the United States. An article appearing in Harper’s magazine this March offers a different version as to the deaths of two Saudi and one Yemen prisoner. The Navy claims the men were engaged in an act of “asymetrical warfare” although the magazine article raises questions as to how an individual can bind his hands, his feet, stuff rags deep down his throat and then jump off a washbasin and hang himself. The Harper’s reporter talked with guards who said their suicides did not take place in their own cells, but in another building where they were being interrogated.

The Pentagon insists, there is “no evidence of wrongdoing” although a reporter was told by guards they were instructed by their superior officers to tell the world the men died in their own cells. As Shakespeare would put it, something smells wrong about this story of suicides. Given the history of the Bush administration handling of prisoners, why should anyone believe the official Navy story?

US Congress Takes A Stand About Nothing!

With each passing day it becomes clear the recent election that ended the Bush regime merely replaced Republican idiots with Democratic fools. American prisons are filled with rapists, murderers, sadistic brutes and just about every crime known to humanity, but the Obama proposal to send 223 prisoners now in Guantanamo Bay prison to institutions within the United States poses a great threat to the safety of Americans! The US House of Representatives voted 258 to 163 to deny the president’s right to transfer the prisoners. It still remains unclear if the Senate will go along with this vote.

What will it take to make the American government return to the rule of law? The Bush era initiated a change in attitude that was centered in the politics of fear and hate. Unfortunately, Democrats have been infected by this germ of violence and can not shake its impact on their mental way of thinking.

Guantanamo West In Australia

A controversial prison in Tasmania has been likened to conditions in the Guantanamo Bay prison that houses terrorist prisoners. Tasmania Ombudsman Simon Allston discovered prisoners have been held in solitary confinement for months without being told anything about what they must do in order to be placed in a normal prison unit. “I have been told,” he said, “that they have been held in the unit without any certainty about what they have to do to work their way out of the unit, or any certainty about when they will leave the unit if they behave.” His investigation will pursue finding whether the management of the prison is in accord with international human rights standards.

The treatment of prisoners reflects how a society regards its commitment to human rights. Keeping people without food for fifteen hours or restricting them to a few hours walking in a narrow space is not what those who believe in human rights regard as how modern society behaves in respect to those who have been incarcerated.

Bin Laden’s Driver Convicted By Military Court

A jury of six United States military officers convicted Osama bin Laden’s driver of supporting terrorism but cleared him of conspiracy charges in the first war crimes trial to be held at Guantanamo Bay. The Pentagon selected jury deliberated for eight hours over the course of three days before rendering their verdict. Salim Hamdan wept at the news of his conviction. Lt. Cmdr. Brian Mizer, the defense attorney for Hamdan commented: “I don’t know if the panel can render fair what has already happened.” He insisted the court admitted evidence that would not be allowed in any civilian or military court in the United States. Mizer said the government’s case was tainted by coercive tactics, including sleep deprivation and soltary confinement.

Senator John McCain hailed the verdict as an example of American justice in action and noted the jury did not find Hamdan guilty of all charges. According to McCain “they might not have hit a home run but at least they hit a triple.” Of course, the issue is a human being’s life, not a ball game. We can expect Senator McCain, if elected president, to continue the farce that is known as a “trial” in Guantanamo.

Bush Kangaroo Court At Guantanamo Angers World

The United States military said it would bring death penalty charges against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and five others it claims were suspected of being involved in planning the 9/11 attacks on the United States. The trials will take place at Guantanamo Bay and be a military tribunal whose proceedings are only partially under the jurisdiction of civilian courts. there is speculation trials conducted under such conditions will lead to widespread outrage throughout the Muslim world. Some critics note the decision comes as America is preparing for a presidential election in which Senator John McCain is arguing about his fight against terrorism and by some strange coincidence trials involving terrorists will be taking place.

Vincent Warren of the Center for Constitutional Rights notes: “What we are looking at is a seeries of show trials by the Bush administrationthat are really devoid of any due process considerations. Rather than playing politics, the Bush administration should be seeking speedy and fair trials. these are trials that are going to be based on torture as confessions as well as secret evidence. There is no way this can be said to be fair especially as the death sentence could be an outcome.”

There is most probably sufficient evidence obtained by legal means to convict either one or all of these men for crimes, but the Bush administration, as always, must take the road of hypocrisy and illegality in order to achieve their end goals. Nations of the world which oppose the death penalty will be angered if such a verdict concludes the trials. If any evidence is admitted that was obtained due to use of torture, the entire Muslim world will only conclude the men were innocent and are being denied their rights to a fair trial.

New Revelations In Trial Of Canadian Terrorist Supsect

A US Special Services soldier who was injured in the battle when Omar Khadr was captured says he was shocked to learn the 15 year old Canadian teenager wasn’t the only one alive win an Afghan compound when a grenade fatally wounded another American soldier. According to Layne Morris, a former Green Beret, “Eveyone had told me from the get-go that there was only one guy in there.” A document inadvertently released to reporters on Monday disclosed that after the grenade was thrown, a US operative killed another suspect and then shot Khadr in the back. The revelation casts doubts on the Pentagon’s assertion that Khadr threw the grenade that fatally wounded the Delta Force soldier and medic Christopher Speer. Khadr, now 21, is charged with “murder in violation of the laws of war.”

The document now uncovered says an unidentified operative saw someone wih an Ak-47 moving and “moaning” after the grenade was thrown. he operative shot him in the head, killing h im. He then saw the second person(Khadr) and shot him in the back. Khadr has now being tried for the third time since the prior two were dismissed, first by the U.S. Supreme Court which deemed the process illegal and then by a military judge who ruled he didn’t have jurisdiction to hear the case.

Among the initial actions of a new American president next year should be the end of Guantanamo Bay and creation of a judicial process which respects the rule of law, not whim.