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Portugal Agrees To Take Guantanamo Detainees

The government of Portugal has agreed to help the Bush administration by accepting some of the Guantanamo prison inmates who fear being returned to their native land will result in torture or death. Foreign Minister, Luis Amado, urged: “the time has come for the European Union to step forward. As a matter of principle and coherence, we should send a clear signal of our willingness to help the US government in that regard, namely through the resettlement of detainees. As far as the Portuguese government is concerned, we will be available to participate.” American officials say many of the 60 who have been cleared fear persecution.

There is something wrong with this picture. SEVEN YEARS have gone by and now the Bush administration has finally “cleared” men who apparently never did anything wrong! It is the responsibility of the United States to provide sanctuary for these men if the Bush government has been unable to prove any wrong doing on their part. How about a program of rendition to any American official who was responsible for falsely charging innocent men with crimes? Hey, Bush, would you like to spend a few days in a Syrian prison getting interviewed?

Obama To End Horror Of Guantanamo Prison

Among the first acts of the new president will be closing forever the nightmare that is known as Guantanamo prison which has done more to smear the name of America than any other act of the Bush administration. Obama has long stated his intention to close the notorious prison which has caused millions around the world to dislike America. It is expected prisoners will either be returned to their home nations, placed on trial in the United States or appear before special terrorist courts. During the campaign, Senator Obama described Guantanamo as a “sad chapter in American history” and he undoubtedly will act to end secret raids in other nations that were commonly authorized by Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush. Many of those detained have never been confronted with specific charges because none exist except in the mind of sick minds like Rumsfeld and Cheney.

Lawrence Tribe of Harvard who serves as a legal advisor to Obama, said closing the prison was a high priority and challenged those who fear placing accused terrorists on trial on American soil. Of course, they should be tried in American courts and entitled to all the rights of anyone who is on trial. This is America, not an al-Qaeda approach to civil rights.

Guantanamo Prison Wonderful Place Say Ex Prisoners

George Bush insists the United States does not use torture, and if the president, who is noted as a defender of human rights, says no torture exists one can be certain it does. Two Algerians recently released from the resort town in Guantanamo told reporters from El Khabar, they had no complaints about treatment in the prison where no torture exists. Abdurrahman Hoari said: “I got two things to say, and I want you writing id down on our newspaper. First of all, we had been well treated there(Guantanamo prison).” He insisted legal procedures were respected in the prison. According to the El Khabar reporters, “his way of talking reflects that he suffers from psychological disturbances” and well informed sources told the newspaper both men have serious mental problems as a result of being imprisoned and subjected to interrogations.

The mechanical manner in which Hourari spoke to reporters suggests he was ordered to make the statements and after years of interrogation and prison life, he undoubtedly is unable to speak coherently about his experiences. The treatment of prisoners in that notorious prison will not be completely understood until some future administration assumes power and orders a complete investigation.

Algeria Denouces US Guantanamo Policies

The Algerian government is concerned over failure on the part of the United States to work with them on issues pertaining to Algerian citizens who are imprisoned at Guanatanmo. According to a source which told the El Khabr newspaper, “The U.S. party was not willing to achieve an agreement about the Algerian prisoners in Guantanamo, and they are seeking making the Algerian party responsible of the falure of the agreement.” The source insists America continually makes new demands such as seeking assurance the Algerian judiciary will act in a manner consistent with American interests. Algeria has been able to identify at least 26 nationals in the prison and several are suffering from mental disorders.

Hopefully, a new adminsitration next January will make as among its first tasks closing down the Guanatanamo prison which has done more to damage the reputation of the United States than any single action of the Bush presidency. Its existance makes mockery of America’s commitment to the ideals of democracy, due process, and the co