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Is US In Guantanamo Covering Up Kahadr Case?

Lawyers for Omar Khadr wo is charged with murdering a US soldier in Afghanistan are charging US military officials with attempting to cover up the twisted and distorted effort to get a conviction against a defendant who was 15 at the time of the alleged attack. Lt. Cmdr. William Kuebler who heads the defense team bluntly stated: “It appears that the government killed that investigtion(a 2006 pre-trial investigation) precisely to keep the allegations or the evidence of Omar’s abuse at Bargram from coming to light. I think the government realized if they pulled the string on Omar’s reatment, the circumstances of the treatment in Bargram… that this case would have collapsed in 2006.” A Pentagon spokesperson said he could not comment on the circumstances of the investigation but insisted that any allegations of abuse are “thoroughly investigated.”

Lt. Cmdr. Kuebler has been fighting against tremendous odds to get a fair trial for his client and most probably has ruined his career in the military in so doing. The government claims a fifteen year old boy confessed to his crime. As Kuebler notes: “Picture a 15 year-old boy with those types of injuries being forced with his arms chained like this for extended periods of time in Bagram, and think about the effect that would have on him and his willingness to o-operate with his interrogators.”

There is no question this entire attempt to put on trial an indidvidual who was fifteen at the time of the alleged crime has been botched since day one. It is simply another effort by the Bush administration to prove those in Guantanamo are all “terrorists.”

Canada Hope Of Omar Khadr In Guantanamo

The American defense attorney, Lt. Comdr. Bill Kuebler, told members of the Canadian parliament that Omar Khadr will be convicted if he goes to trial in Guanatanamo, not because he is guilty, but due to a stacked trial system which ensures convictions rather than justice for defendants. “Omar’s story is one of victimization by everyone who has ever had authority over him and punishment for misdeeds of others. It is not a question of giving this young man a second chance. He has never had a first one. The only blessing he’s had is being born in Canada and this country now represents his only hope.” The Pentagon alleges Khadr threw a grenade that fatally wounded U.S. Sgt. Christopher Speer, although recently disclosed documents question his culpability

Omar is being damaged by statements from relatives who admire al-Qaida and have attacked Canada. His father is allegedly a financial supporter of al-Qiada, but the evidence against the Kahdr(who was fifteen at the time of the alleged attack) is flimsy.

The real hero in this case is Bill Kuebler, who most probably has destroyed his career in the Navy as a result of defending his client in the manner expected of lawyers. To defend a client all-out is the not goal of the Guantanamo trial system.

Bush Lied To US Military About Guantanamo Prisons!

General Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 2001 to 2005 was misled by Bush officials into believing interrogation techniques employed in the Guanatanamo prisons were based on Army field manuals. In his new book, “Torture Team,” Philippe Sands, professor at University Collge in London, reveals senior Bush administration leaders pushed through previously outlawed measures with the aid of inexperienced military officials at Guantanamo. Myers believed he was the victim of “intrigue” by top lawyers at the Department of Justice, the office of Vice President Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld’s Defense Deaprtment.

The lawyers who pushed through procedures that went against the Army Manual were Alberto Gonzales, David Addington and Williams Haynes. Also involved were Doug Feith, Rumsfeld’s under-secretary for policy and two assistant attorney generals, Jay Bybee and John Yoo. Bush insisted all along violations of Army procedures were the result of action on the part of junior officers.

According to Sans, as Myers “worked through the list of techniques(he) became increasingly hesitant and troubled. Haynes and Rumsfeld had been able to run rings around him.” Myers was cut out of the decision making process even though he headed the armed forces. Myers said: “We never authorized torture, we just didn’t, not what we would do.” Larry Wilkeerson, a former army officer and chief of staff to Colin Powell at the State Department, said: “I do know that Rumsfeld had neutralised the chairman(Myers) in m any significant ways.” He did it by not inviting him to meetings or letting him know about important communications.

Senate Republicans were ready to impeach President Clinton over sexual behavior, will they be prepared to initiate criminal procedures against Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush?

UK Resident Tortured By CIA!

Lawyers for a British resident who is being held by the United States government at Guantanamo Bay have identified the existence of photographs taken by CIA agents that supposedly show how their client was tortured. Clive Stafford-Smith, legal director of Reprieve, who is representing Binyan Mohammed, claims to know the identify of the CIA agents who were present when his client was allegedly beaten and tortured. In a letter for Foreign Minister David Miliband, Mr. Smith wrote: “Given the opportunity, we can prove that the evidence(obtained from Mr. Mohammed) was the fruit of torture. Indeed, we can prove that a photographic record was made of this by the CIA. through diligent investigation we know when the CIA took pictures of Mr. Mohammed’s brutalized genitalia, we know the identity of the CIA agents who were present including the person who took the pictures(we know both their false identities and their true names), and we know what those pictures show…I have seen no evidence of any kind against Mr. Mohammed that is not the bitter fruit of torture.” Reprieve intends to press for criminal prosecutions against the CIA agents alleged to have carried out the torture.

Mr. Mohammed is charged with being an enemy combatant although he was arrested in Karachi by Pakistan immigration officials on his way back to England. he claims to have been tortured in Morocco before being sent to Guantanamo. He has never been charged with a crime nor given any opportunity to prove his innocence. The Bush administration continues insisting releasing those in Guantanamo will endanger American security. In a sense, Mr. Mohammed is trapped in a Franz Kafka novel, no charges are brought against him, but those in power insist that to do so would somehow endanger themselves. So, he resides in a terror land in which there is no innocence, only guilt. As an American, I can only say never before in the history of my nation has an American government acted in this manner.

US Military Lawyer Prepares Blast At Guantanamo Prison Procedures

An American military lawyer who has been involved in numerous Guantanamo tribunals is prepared to openly express his disgust with the unconstitutional procedures occurring at the prison. The whistle blower, a major who is thoroughly familiar with the entire Guantanamo operation, described the detention of a hospital administrator from Sudan as “unconscionable.” The major says that in rare circumstances when it was decided that a detainee was no longer an enemy combatant, senior commanders ordered another panel in order to over rule the decision. He reports “acrimony” during a “heated conference” call from Admiral McGarragh, who reports to the Secretary of the US Navy, when a panel refused to describe several Uighur detainees as enemy combatants. Senior military commanders wanted to know how they could disagree with a previous designation that the Uighur were enemy combatants. The major told the admiral it was good for the system that people actually disagreed and received no response to his comment.

The Sudanese hospital admintstrator, Abdel Hamad,has been held for five years without any evidence that he participated in terrorist activities. His lawyers came across a sworn statement from a member of a military panel who said he was frightened of retaliation if he allowed his name to be used in the case. The major who is ready to speak out will have his chance on December 5 before the US Supreme Court when an attempt is made to shut down the prison. According to Michael Ratner, president of the Centre for Constitutional Rights, the Guantanamo prison, “It’s a kangaroo court system and completely corrupt. Stalin had show trials but at Guantanamo they are not even show trials because it all takes place in secret.” Such is the American system of justice under the Bush administration.