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World Opinion Turns Against Israel

There are many people in Israel who still believe that George Bush was the best friend their nation ever had, and, most probably, this is among the problems facing Israel. Sometimes, one wonders if Israel leaders are in a competition to see who could do the best job of turning the world against their nation. If Bush is the model, then it is not difficult to understand why Israel is facing a public relations disaster. Israel Foreign Ministry official was quoted as responding to a question from an Irish interviewer who asked: “Shouldn’t Israel be ashamed of itself?” by responding a nation has a right to defend itself. The Israel Foreign Ministry is finding nations throughout the world are furious at the Gaza assault and denouncing Israel as a terrorist nation. According to the Jerusalem Post, English newspapers like the Guardian are “blatantly anti-Israel.” One can assume the crime of the Guardian it to print information about the killing of innocent men, women and children and attacks on a school.

Israel defends its attack on the UN school on the basis that Hamas was firing from school grounds which justified an all out assault on the facility. For some reason, Israel Foreign Ministry officials are surprised the focus of the world is on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, not on Hamas and its rocket attacks. Exactly what did the Israel government believe would result when planes bombed schools and killed children? Anyone with the slightest grasp of the media would have known pictures of dead or wounded children always make front pages. The media factor was ignored by Israel.

The government of Israel had every right to defend itself against rocket attacks from Hamas. However, in any war, there are lines that decent humans do not cross in pursuit of military victory. One is to avoid firing on women and children. Israel has crossed the line and will be condemned by the world.