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Rape And Horror In Guinea!

I am an inhabitant of planet Earth who was born in 1930 and has lived through one horror after another. In the 1940s, well educated German men smashed the heads of Jewish babies, japanese soldiers raped thousands in Nanking, hundreds of Negroes were lynched in the American South, the massacres in Rwanda, and so on and so on. Name a continent, name a region of the world and one is certain to be able to cite this massacre of that one. A week ago in the country of Guinea, thousands of people peacefully gathered to express their views about failure to have a democratic election. Suddenly, soldiers went wild, shooting point blank into the crowd and then grabbing women and raping them in broad daylight!

‘I was 57 and they stripped me naked. I saw soldiers putting their rifles into women’s private parts.” The Minister of Health in Guinea denies any rape took place and insists only a few people were killed although independent sources place the figure at about 150. How in this day and age could soldiers attack their own women! How could they rape women in daylight and in full view of cameras? On which planet do I live?

Oh, I forgot I am an inhabitant of the planet Earth. This behavior is termed, “normal.”

Death In The Afternoon In Guinea

The people of Guinea have spend decades trying to secure the semblance of democratic rights and thousands decided to peacefully protest in favor of honest elections. Captain Moussa Dadis Camara who had overthrown the previous dictator and promised not to run for president claims actions by members of his military were not of his fault. Hundreds of soldiers confronted the demonstrators in a stadium and began firing point blank into the crowd. As people fled for their lives, dozens encountered troops at the exits who bayoneted many and there are reports of dozens of women being raped by the uncontrolled soldiers.

There are reports over 150 are dead and hundreds wounded as a result of the brutal military attack. Camara claims he had nothing to do with the slaughter, but a major reason thousands gathered was to protest his reversal of a promise not to run for president.

It is just another African tragedy and the world could not care less. Now, as to the wall in Israel,,,

Guinea Coup Another African Tragedy

Someday when the history of the continent of Africa is written there will be at least a chapter on the tragedy of failed leadership among Africans. It is difficult to identify an African nation which emerged out of colonialism that currently has the semblance of a democratic society. The concept of ending colonialism was important, but the failure of those leading African revolutions to become the champions of democracy has resulted in a wealthy continent mired in poverty, violence and hatred. The latest example was seizure of power in Guinea after its long-term president died. Within moments, a group of young officers took over the government and announced it might some day allow free elections. After warning present Cabinet members of consequences, about 30 turned themselves over to the military junta and awaited their fates. Coup leader Moussa Camara promised a “grandiose funeral” for the dead dictator Lansana Combe, no doubt, an act that sets the stage for the arrival of another two bit dictator by the name of Camara.

The famous last words of Camara are, “it is not m y intention to be a candidate in the election of December, 2010.” Mark those words down somewhere and check out which excuse is cited by Camara in December, 2010 to explain why he must remain in power for the good of the people.