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Gun Control Controversy Over Finnish School Shootings

A 22 year old man entered a Finnish vocational school and began blasting away until he killed eleven students and wounded several others. He was dressed in black and wore a ski-mask as he walked into the school carrying a large bag. After completing the carnage of death, MattiJuhani Saari shot himself in the head. During the shooting he inadvertently initiated a fire that most probably led to one of the deaths. The day before he opened fire on students, Mr. Saari had been summoned to police headquarters after the police came across a video on the Internet in which he is shown firing a pistol. The gun man proved he had a legal right to the weapon and was allowed to go free.

The shooting is the second in two years in which a gun man entered a high school and killed several students. A special session of Parliament is being called to examine the situation and rethink the need for tighter laws on gun possession. Fortunately, Finland does not have any reference in its Constitution about owning or not owning guns.