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Democrat Beer Party Launches Attacks On Republicans?

It is now clear that Democratic controlled Fox News is encouraging Muslim fanatics who support the recent health care bill to attack Jewish members of Congress such as Eric Cantor in an effort not only to wipe out opponents of the health care bill but to stifle voices which support the Israel government. Naturally, Cantor blames Democrats for recent violence in Washington and around the nation. He accused Democrats of “dangerously fanning the flames of violence” by pushing through laws such as covering the health needs of poor people. Next thing you know is that Democrats will actually be pushing for dangerous laws such as food for children or support for low cost college loans to students. There is no question such legislation is divisive and only encourages those with violent tendencies to resort to weapons of violence.

Actually, according to Richmond, Virginia police, someone shot a bullet into the air and it landed in the building where Cantor occasionally uses a room for an office. Of course, Cantor and his fellow Republicans are supporters of guns being allowed in the hands of anyone. Is it not surprising that when gun nuts are allowed to shoot in the air, some of their bullets actually land in the vicinity of Jewish Republicans?

P.S. We have it on good authority the bullet has been identified as being fired by a Muslim.

Gun Crazies Win Another Battle In Stupidity

Once upon a time in America, those running the railroads of this nation were on the lookout for suspicious people with guns who might try to hold up the train. Today, the gun nuts once again extended the right of members of the Nutty Rights Of America who want to carry guns when they ride trains. The Senate by a vote of 68 to 30 bowed to the NRA and will allow Amtrak passengers the same rights as those possessed by airline nuts who can transport guns provided they declare the item and it is locked in a securely locked container.

According to head Nut Senator Roger Wicker, “Americans should not have their Second Amendment rights restricted for any reason, particularly if they choose to travel on America’s federally subsidized rail line.”

OK, nut case, this means any terrorist who declares his weapon and locks it in a securely locked container can take weapons on a train. I increasingly have come to believe that members of the NRA are secret agents of al-Qaeda. I assure Senator Roger Nut Case Wicker, that al-Qaeda is besides themselves with joy at your idiotic comment.

Do you ever get the feeling America is controlled by al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups who get by with their madness by posing as members of the Republican Party?


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Romania, Nine O’Clock: “A Sick Health System”
In America we not only have a sick health system we have sickos opposing health reform.

South Africa, Argus: “Kidnap Accused May Enter Plea”
I was not at the scene of the crime when the police arrived.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Gay Penguins Hit”
They will be replaced by unhappy Penguins.

Sweden, The Local: “Who Would You Contact If Got Swine Flu?”
The pigs?

UK, The Independent: “Babies Searched For Drugs”
I think you had better search their bottles, those kids are clever.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Woman Gives Testimony Wearing Niqab”
OK, but what evidence did the niqab give?

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Why Not Make Problems Bigger”
Listen to Tea Party ranters and you have the answer to your question?

UK, Guardian: “Cannibal Appearance Normal”
Sure, most people have dripping blood from their mouths.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “She’s A Lady, Man”
Check the voice you idiot!

Gun Kooks Foster Nutty Regulations

In law, anyone “adjudicated as a mental defective” such as people found in danger to themselves or others or who lack the mental capacity to manage their affairs must be added to the federal database used to do instant background checks for gun purchases. A new bill, S 669, would prohibit the Veterans Administration for submitting names to the National Instant Criminal Background check database unless judicial authority finds the individuals to be a danger to themselves or others. The VA has been turning over the names of veterans who have had someone else appointed to handle their financial affairs. Some veteran groups fear a veteran might lose his right to have a gun due to being identified as having post traumatic stress.

The insanity of this bill illustrates why those who believe in guns can not be trusted with the lives of other humans. An individual with PTS is in danger to self. Certainly, until the individual has received treatment it is best to remain on the side of caution rather than encourage the person to have weapons in his possession. VA doctors are treating these cases and certainly the judgment of doctors, at least in the immediate moment, should be valued.