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Orphans Of Haiti

There are undoubtedly millions of decent Christian people who are appalled at the horror which has enveloped Haiti and seek to assist the people and children of that devastated land. Authorities have arrested 10 Christians from a church group in America rushed to Haiti to offer assistance by taking back to the United States a group of children. Either they knew or did not care that some of the children in the orphanage had parents on the island, but they proceeded to round up children and bring them “home.” The ten have been charged with a variety of crimes ranging from trafficking in children to kidnap.

The real issue is why does it require an earthquake to get these Christians concerned about poverty in Haiti. Do they know that since 2000 over five million people have been killed in the Congo and thousands of young girls raped? Would these Christians be interested in saving those children? Please be generous in aiding those impacted by poverty, but respect the dignity of people by not grabbing children without permission!