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Pakistan Retaliates Against US Forces

Recent attacks by US and Afghanistan forces inside the borders of Pakistan have aroused fury and anger on the part of Pakistan leaders as well as expressions of concern by some European officials. Pakistan’s head of the Joint Chiefs, General Majid, bluntly told America: “Pakistan reserves the right to retaliate in the future.” In discussions with Pakistan leaders, visiting German Foreign Minister Franz Joung, denounced American military actions. “I think it is important that Pakistan fights against militants in its territory on its own. We should not conduct military operations from the Afghan side.”

The first sign of retaliation was Pakistan’s announcement it was halting supplies to United States and NATO forces in Afghanistan on grounds the Torkham highway has been under attack from terrorist groups and it is too dangerous sending trucks along it. A Pakistan spokesperson insisted it has nothing to do with “US attacks” but most probably that was the major factor which led to the halt in shipment of goods. US and coalition forces in border regions obtain considerable supplies from Pakistan.

Once again the disjointed foreign and military policies of George Bush invariably create turmoil and confusion and anger on the part of allies. There is no evidence a “president McCain” would be any better.