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This blog has been highly critical of the current Israel policy toward Palestinians, but when a leader such as Bashar al-Assad tells the world while in Venezuela that Israel is a “genocidal state,” it raises questions as to whether the son has any knowledge regarding actions of his father back in the 1980s. Naturally, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who increasingly is destroying democracy in his own nation, cheered at the remarks of Assad and made certain the world knows what he thinks about the “genocidal Israeli state.” The death of a single human is horrible, particularly when caused by actions of those seeking to impose their will upon a people. The death of a thousand is infinitely more horrible and those responsible should be punished. But, for President al-Assad to complain about Israel without looking in the mirror of time, that is not merely irresponsible, but a violation of civil rights of Syrians.

On February 2, 1982, the then President al-Assad(Bashar’s father) unleashed the full force of his armed forces on the SYRIAN town of Hama because it was the center of dissent to his dictatorial regime. Airplanes bombed the city while tanks and thousands of soldiers entered to kill the opponents of President Assad. The conservative estimate is that at least 30,000 men, women and children were brutally murdered by their own troops while some estimates go as high as 40,000. After this massacre of MUSLIMS by MUSLIMS, there were no street protests in Arab or Muslim nations, no outcry against the brutality. Silence reigned.

Israel killed over a thousand people in Gaza, at least half were innocent civilians. Those responsible should be punished. But, to compare what Israel has done with the mass murder of over 30,000 raises questions. Thousands of Muslims protested the appearance of cartoons, but not a single one went into the streets to protest the murder of 30,000 of their fellow Muslims.

Egypt Angry At Hamas And Hizbullah

One of the ongoing myths of discussions concerning the Middle East is belief there is such an entity as “Arabs.” Egyptian officials intensely dislike Hamas and Hizbullah which they regard as threats to the security of their nation. Cairo is still furious at Hizbullah leaders Hassan Nasrallah who urged Egyptian generals to disregard the views of President Mubarak and intervene and open crossings when Israel invaded Gaza. Authorities have arrested Hamas smugglers and shut down their escape tunnels when found because Egypt does not wish to have problems with Israel. Egypt believes Hizbullah is simply an agent of Iran which has long been regarded as threat to the security of Egypt and a rival for regional power.

Ironically, Egyptian authorities share with Israel a dislike for Hamas and annoyance that western nations are talking with Hamas leaders. Egypt needs peace and economic development because of its ever increasing number of educated people who lack jobs. An educated person is a better candidate for extremism than poor people.

Death Takes No Holiday In Gaza Strip

Former President Jimmy Carter has come under heavy fire for engaging in discussions with Hamas leaders in order to explore the path to peace. Yesterday, heavy fire in Gaza resulted in the deaths of three Israel soldiers as well as the killing of several members of Hamas. A Hamas ambush caught Israel soldiers in a tight situation which resulted in the death of three. Rockets continue zooming from Gaza into Israel and Israel continues targeting Hamas leaders for death. The cycle of violence continues unabated but an effort at peace is described as leading to more death and destruction.

There is not the slightest piece of evidence current policies on the part of Israel or Hamas is leading to peace and security for all sides. The diplomatic fiasco continues in which Prime Minister Olmert is offering the Palestinian Authority only 64% of the West Bank and refusing to allow it to assume control of East Jerusalem. Oh, Muslims would be allowed to enter Israel controlled East Jerusalem in order to pray!

There is no indication the current process of “peace” negotiations is leading anywhere other than continued violence. Jimmy Carter pointed the way to sanity– engage in honest discussions with all components of the Palestinian leadership and work toward terms which respect the dignity and rights of all concerned people.