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Hamas And Israel Agree To Cease Fire

Israel and Hamas have agreed to a cease fire which will go into effect tomorrow. The cease fire agreement came about due to efforts of Egypt to serve in a mediating role between the combatants. According to terms of the agreement, all hostilities will cease as of Thursday and the cease fire will remain in effect for an initial six months. A Hamas spokesperson said: “Hamas accepted the truce offer proposed by Egypt which stipulates a reciprocal halt to all military operations.” President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority expressed his support of the agreement which he hopes will accelerate peace discussions between Israel and his government. Hamas leaders said they would seek meetings with Abbas and representatives of the European Union in order to get the Rafah border crossing open.

Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak said he was cautious and would watch to see if the cease fire is carried out. The White House declined to comment on an agreement between Israel and Hamas, a group which is on the American terrorist list.

The cease fire proves agreements can be made with “terrorist” groups and the road to peace is involving all concerned parties. Israel is also using the good offices of Turkey to negotiate with Syria, another nation on the terror list. Who knows, maybe America will make an attempt at serious negotiations with the other terror nation, Iran.

Hamas May Offer Unconditional “Hudna”

There are reports that Hamas leaders are discussing the possibility of offering Israel an unconditional “hudna”– cease fire. An anonymous Hamas official claims “discussions over the ‘hudna’ have resurfaced in a serious manner, both within Hamas and between Hamas and other Palestinian factions. We hope the discussions will prove successful.” Talks revolve around offering a no conditional cease fire which would be respected by both sides. However, in an interview with the Kuswait newspaper, A-RRai, Hamas representative in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan, insisted Hamas was still opposed to any peace agreement with Israel. Israel government officials still maintain its nation will not halt military action against Hamas until all rocket attacks cease and warn against being tricked by Hamas in order for its forces to replenish weapons during a cease fire.

The mistrust between Hamas and Israel makes difficult any opportunity to engage in serious discussions. A fundamental mistake was failure to invite Hamas to the Annapolis conference. Hamas must be at meetings which include representatives of Arab nations, many of whom are sick and tired of the entire Israel -Palestinian conflict and want a resolution. It is the Arab nations which must silence Hamas, not Israel. That is the ongoing mistake of Israel foreign policy.