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Water Pipes For The Men In Gaza!

Perhaps, those supporting the Palestinian cause foolishly believed it was actions of Israelis that prevented the achievement of peace, but new evidence has come forth which accurately focuses the source of problems in the Middle East–women smoking water pipes in Public! Hamas has once again struck at women whose behavior is a cause for concern, and, in most cases, much more than that of Israel soldiers. Hamas in Gaza issued an edict regarding behavior of women in cafes. “It is inappropriate for a woman to sit cross-legged and smoke in public.” Not only do such actions destroy the goal of peace and defeat of Israel, it leads to husbands realizing they are married to a loose woman and they will seek a divorce. Actually, there is nothing in Muslim law preventing women from smoking a water pipe, at home or in public. Many middle class women in Gaza hit the water pipe when with friends and seeking to loosen up the mood. Hamas has previously forbidden women to ride on motor cycles since it claims that is forbidden.

I am confused, since there were no motor bikes in old days, how does anyone know which forms of modern transportation are or are not in accord with tradition? As Haya Ahmed, a 28 year-old accountant in Gaza notes: “Everything forbidden becomes desirable.”

I wonder if Hamas could declare peace with Israel is forbidden, hopefully, that goal will then become desirable.

Does Intelligence Exist In The Israel Intelligence?

Once upon a time the world was impressed by an efficient and effective Israel army that could perform incredible feats of intelligence and daring in order to overcome problems such as the famed Entebbe raid which resulted in freeing airline passengers held hostage by Palestinian extremists. But, today, the world shakes its head in amazement at the incompetent performance displayed by the Israel Defense Force in the Three Stooges effort to halt some ships carrying civilians and supplies. Even Meir Dagan, head of the spy agency Mossad, warned that Israel is gradually being transformed from an asset into a liability for the American government. As he spoke, the Israel establishment swung into action refusing to admit any mistakes, blaming their adversaries, shouting the ever popular, “the world is against Jews” complaint and persuading the Israel public it is “them” not “us” who are to blame for an unmitigated military, political, and social disaster.

Top political leaders like Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Prime Minister Netanyahu held a two hour briefing last week and approved the operation. Both men formerly served in the elite commandos and share a fondness for secret operations. Commandos who participated in the operation claim they were told they would be confronting peace activists but no mention was made of the possibility some of the passengers might resort to violent opposition. The initial drop of four commandos became a disaster when difficulty arose trying to get more men on the ship. This resulted in the beating of these men by an enraged crowd.

Perhaps, one problem is the lack of interest on the part of the IDF in developing peaceful strategies of dealing with angry crowds. In simple English (or Hebrew) the entire plan failed. The entire Gaza blockade has failed in its goals of weakening Hamas. Every action of the IDF results in Hamas emerging as the victor, not the defeated. When will Israel learn the best way to confront those seeking a provocation is not to accept the bait, but to turn the tables on them. For example, what if Israel welcomed the ships, had a band playing, and as passengers got off their boats they were greeted by members of the IDF who gave each a hug, showed them where to store their supplies, and asked passengers to help them inspect what was delivered? Who would the world have praised?

Why Jews Could Never Plot Any Conspiracy

All my life when I meet people and they learn I am Jewish, they frequently comment how Jews are smart and crafty people who conspire and plot to take over the world . I have read countless “Jewish Conspiracies” on MySpace and Facebook which claim that Jews are behind this or that plot. Where did Christians — and Muslims– get the idea we Jews knew how to pull off any conspiracy? After the latest flotilla disaster, hopefully, this finally puts on end to concern about the Protocols of Zion or any other supposed Jewish plan to do anything. Let’s examine the facts of the supposed intelligent Jews who control Israel:

1. Before the flotilla sailed, the Gaza Strip was being blockaded by both Israel and Egypt.
AFTER, the flotilla was attacked by Israel commandos, Egypt ended its blockade of Gaza.
Score Hamas 1—Israel 0

2. Before the Israel invasion of Gaza, Turkey was a firm ally of Israel.
AFTER, the Gaza invasion and the attack on the flotilla, Turkey is on the verge of ending relations with Israel.
Score Hamas 2 — Israel 0

3. Before the Flotilla sailed, Israel had the support of many nations such as the UK.
AFTER the flotilla was attacked by Israel commandos, the UK PM Cameron blasted Israel.
Score Hamas 3 — Israel -0

4. Before the flotilla sailed there was widespread dislike of Hamas due to its violence.
AFTER the keystone cop commando attack on civilians, people no longer discuss violent Hamas, but discuss violent Israel.
Score Hamas 4 —– Israel –0

5. After Israel Keystone cops who are in charge of the justice system threatened to place on trial those captured, the Turkish government warned of the consequences. The result was Israel once again made a fool of itself and backed down.
Score Hamas 5 —- Israel 0

6. Before the flotilla sailed, Israel authorities said it was bringing in weapons to the Gaza strip.
AFTER Israel officials inspected the cargo they could not find a single weapon except to claim cement might be a weapon.
Score Hamas 6 —— Israel 0

Set, point, match to Hamas.

And, some Jew haters claim Jews are good at planning and plotting!!

Guess Who Was An Israeli Agent?

Mosab Yousef has just written a memoir entitled, “Son Of Hamas” in which the son of a founder of Hamas admits to having been an agent of Israel for many years. He claims to have provided information to Israel of potential suicide raids that enable security forces to prevent the occurrences from ever taking place. His own Facebook page plugs the book as a gripping account of terror, betrayal, political intrigue and difficult choices. His father, Sheikh Hassan, was a founder of Hamas in the 1980s and apparently is shocked at revelations of his son. The Sheikh claims Mosab is being blackmailed by Mossad for some type of indiscretion and thus is trying to sell this false tale of duplicity.

However, Mosab Yousef, told the Israel newspaper, Haaretz that he was a key Israel intelligence agent in the Gaza Strip and is reports to Mossad led to the arrest of key leaders of Hamas. His father is currently serving a prison term in Israel. Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Hamas leaders. Perhaps, the entire operation is simply a front for Israel intelligence?

Palestinian Human Rights Activists Urge Gaza Probe

Eleven Palestinian human rights groups have urged Hamas to conduct a probe into any violations by their forces of human rights during the Israel invasion of Gaza. The Goldstone report noted that while Israel committed violations of human rights so did Hamas forces. President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh were urged to have Palestinians investigate their own misbehavior not as a means of justifying Israel violations of international law, but to set an example of how a group of people can self reflect and make amends for behavior. These groups noted, “whereas the bulk of the (Goldstone) report addressed violations by Israel, the occupying power, it also considered violations by Palestinian armed groups and the Palestinian authorities in gaza and the West Bank.”

If Palestinians can come to grips with their mistakes, and Israel refuses to address its violations of international law, the result is a message to the world of how Palestinians stand on a higher moral ground than the Netanyahu government. The world will respect honesty and, unfortunately, at this point in time, Israel is unable to fulfill historic Jewish beliefs in human rights support.

Peace Now Says Abbas Or Never!

It is now over half a century during which time Arab leaders have squandered one opportunity after another to secure peace for Palestinians. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told Hamas there were three options open to Palestinians: “go to war, which I cannot do on my own. No Arab nation wants war. Palestinians aren’t capable of waging war alone.” The second option is doing nothing and allowing the 60 year old stalemate to continue another half century. “the third option is peace negotiations. We went all the way for peace–from Oslo to Annapolis to Sharm El-Sheikh– we are ready to continue these talks.” He blamed Israel for being the obstructionist force by insisting on building in the west bank and in Jerusalem even though such action violates the roadmap to which Israel agreed.

Abbas is also frustrated with Hamas which he believes is plotting to have him killed and is still trapped in the rhetoric of violence. Exiled Hamas leader, Kaled Meshaal assured Saudi Arabian diplomats his group wanted to work with Arab nations and not with Iran. It is up to Israel to test the grounds for peace by halting all housing in the West Bank and in Jerusalem. If the freeze does not work, at least it shows the world the fault lies other than in Israel.

Hamas Gains Rocket Cease Fire Agreement

Hamsas has persuaded other militant groups to cease their rocket fire into Israel which only results in retaliation and ruins any opportunities for achieving peace in the region. Nearly twelve months have passed since the destructive Israel invasion of Gaza which left the entire area devastated. There is little question of extensive debate occurring within Hamas as to the best route to pursue in dealing with Israel or Fatah. President Abbas has repeatedly called for talks with Hamas in order to present a united front against Israel, but the response from Hamas has been delay and rhetoric about fighting against the “Zionist enemy.” The only hope for peace is a united Fatah and Hamas, but until that is achieved, the government of Benjamin Netanyahu can delay and obfuscate.

Another positive sign are reports that Hamas is willing to enter into negotiations over the captured Israel soldier, Gilad Shalit. Reports suggest Hamas might free him in exchange for hundreds of imprisoned Palestinians. Reality is there must be peace with Israel if there is to be any hope of achieving the goals of Palestinians for an independent nation.

Abbas Steps Down As Leader Of Fatah-What Next Israel?

For half a century, Israel leaders complained they were unable to find people in the Arab world who were willing to negotiate for peace. Finally, President Mahmoud Abbas, leader of Fatah, became a voice seeking peace and willing to enter into diplomatic negotiations with the Israel government. So, what was the response of Israel? Prime Minister Benjamin Netayahu placed one barrier after another in the path of peace and refused to abandon West Bank settlements even though he knew it was impossible for any Palestinian leader to accept the abandonment of an area that belonged to Arab people under the UN partition plan. President Obama attempted to steer an even path between Palestinians and Israelis and urged Israel to cease further West Bank construction. Netanyahu just ignored the president. Secretary of State Clinton stepped into the situation and indicated how pleased she was that Netanyahu might promise at some future time to do something about the west bank.

President Abbas announced he is not running for re-election. There is no question when Palestinians select a more radical person as their president, Israel will commence to sound the alarm and complain how could they negotiate with radicals? The reason is simple, Israel created the current problem and only Israel can solve it.

Hamas Vetoes Elections In Gaza

If the Middle East didn’t have enough problems attempting to reconcile conflicting interests between Israel and Palestinians, we only have to add in conflicts between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to create one huge mess. The Hamas Interior Ministry made clear it would oppose elections that President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority has called for January. It said it “rejects the holding of elections in the Gaza Strip because they were announced by someone who has no right to make such an announcement and because it came without national reconciliation.” In other words, Hamas refuses to accept the Fatah demand it agree to negotiate with Israel and cease making claims that Hamas refuses to accept the existence of Israel.

Another Arab stalemate, another barrier to maintaining the status quo. Does Hamas ever realize the status quo is what the Israel government desires and it is not in the best interests of Palestinians? Only negotiations and a united Palestinian front can move toward securing the rights of Palestinians.


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