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Syria Asks For Negotiations Over Golan Heights

The Syrian press urged Israel to enter into negotiations with its government in order to revolve the Golan Heights issue. Teshreen commented: “It is now vital to act seriously to put peace talks back on track. The alternative to this are dangerous to the region and the entire world.” The Syrians claimed they attended the Annapolis conference in order to test America’s sincerity towards peace in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Hammas which had been barred from the meeting, came out with another bombastic statement urging the UN to end the partition of Palestine and return to some sort of other condition. One can only wonder if such statements would have come from Hammas if their representatives were in a room filled with Arab leaders who are tired of the perennial problem of Palestine and Israel. Bush and Rice blundered by not inviting Hamas since that organization would have moderated their rhetoric and spoken in a more sensible manner. Syria is now speaking about peace and most probably is ready to recognize the existence of Israel if they can achieve successful negotiations. Perhaps, Rice and Bush could learn from this example that talk, talk, is always better than war, war.