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Study Claims Filipinos 2nd Happiest Asian Population

A report issued on Wednesday asserts the people of the Philippines are the 2nd happiest group in Asia while people from India ranked number one. the study tries to measure how satisfied people are at present and how optimistic they are about the future. The Philippines domestic product grew by 7.3% and inflation was about 2%. Of course, only middle class people were polled which means 30% of the population is speaking for the remaining 65%. For some reason, people in this poll were optimistic about health care although Filipinos have among the lowest levels of self purchased medical insurance. Those polled are looking forward to a healthy retirement even though their nation does not provide good retirement pay. Is there something wrong with this picture?

This type of poll may well make the headlines, but it means little to the majority of Filipinos who live in a society that does little for those at the bottom and is wracked with constant corruption at the political level. If one measured political effectiveness and honesty, it is doubtful the Philippines would rank anywhere near the top. Of course, the poll completely ignored the rebellion currently being waged in the southern part of the nation by Muslim dissidents.