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Finnish Youth Fear Or Don’t Fear Future?

Recent surveys indicate a rather confused outlook on the future by Finnish youth. Although 85 percent agreed with the following statement: “my life is happy at present,” nearly 35% said they were depressed and 45% insisted they were lonely. Yes, 85% said they were happy but 42,000 young people claim they are unhappy as they prepare to enter the world of being an adult. At the moment most of them believe life is OK, but hovering in the future is an unknown factor. More than 80 percent believe their work future is OK, but half of the women fear they will lose their jobs. However, 90% believe fervently that an individual who has skills and works hard will always find a job. At the same time, 60% think they will not be able to get the job they desire in the future.

What does this confusion mean? Most probably it is a combination of age, the current times, and an awareness the world is moving through some form of transformation in which the end result will be different for most people, particularly those who live in more industralized societies. It is difficult to escape the sense of change, but as in most change, one can not see a clear outline of the process.