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Lesbian Parents Attacked Outside of School!

It was a pleasant sunny day and parents of a six year old boy were talking quietly as they waited for him to exit the elementary school in Canada. There were several other parents standing with them as the group prepared to pick up their children and take them home. Suddenly, Jane Currie and her partner, Anji Dimitriou, heard the angry voice of a father who walked up to them and began shouting, “which one of you two men spoke to my kid? F—— dyke. Lesbians,” and then he spit in their faces. As Dimitriou wiped her face, she then felt blows from the man hit her body as he continued shouting and cursing them. It all happened in a split second and was over because another man and a woman pushed the man away from the parents. Actually, it wasn’t the first time this man had cursed them in public in front of other parents.

As this example of hate and anger was taking place, their son came out of the school and stood there watching in horror as his parents were assaulted in front of him. He began screaming as the horror took place, a six year old child exposed to hate that lies in the heart of a sick man.

The police are still debating whether this incident can be classified as a “hate crime.” Or, is it simply an example of a deranged man shouting? Anyway, other parents are gathering at the school to defend the rights of these two women.

KKK Burns Cross On Lawn Of Airman

It’s Christmas time in Illinois, so some local KKK idiots decided to celebrate the birth of Christ by burning a cross on the lawn of a member of the United States air force. A neighbor reported the crime because the airman was off doing his duty serving the United States. The words, “KKK” and “white power” were written on the cross. Burning a five foot cross on the lawn of a member of the military is not the most serious crime committed by those who harbor hatred in their heart at a time of the year when supposedly one is filled with joy and love. It is a relatively minor incident and will soon be forgotten by all concerned. The real tragedy is that people who hide in the darkness of night most probably during daytime are vigorous supporters of fighting wars– ones they will talk about but never engage in. The only fighting they can handle is fighting at night when no one can see their faces and then slithering away before confronting the object of their hate.

I am certain the perpetrators of this cross burning hate al-Qaeda. Unfortunately, their actions are just what al-Qaeda seeks in allies.

Are Anti-Hate Laws Necessary?

Jenny McCartney, writing in England’s Daily Telegraph raises the question as to whether society requires anti-hate laws. The assumption behind having such laws is that certain behaviors or speech are deemed to require further punitive action against perpetrators. Ms. McCartney argues bores and those who utilize vulgarity in speech are all around us in our daily lives. If an individual begins to take action such as an incitement to violence against gays or blacks or women, there are existing laws to deal with such situations. According to the Home Office in England, a “hate crime” is defined as “any incident, which constitutes a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate.” A hate crime is usually triggered because of an individual’s skin color, sexual orientation, ethnicity or gender.

The issue of “hate crimes’ carrying more severe penalties than ordinary crimes raises many issues. A person who beats up gays most probably also physically attacks non-gays. It is more complex when a person is expressing verbal hatred because most people who hate George Bush do not pull punches when it comes to denouncing the president. Many simply hate the man. If we eliminate verbal attacks, there are presently laws on the books dealing with physical assault.