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Belfast Immigrants Warned– Get Out Or Die!

During the past decade as Europe witnessed an economic explosion, it became common in m any nations of the EU to encourage immigrants to migrate in order to have people around wiling to deal with the dirty, dangerous, and physically difficult jobs required in society. However, the economic decline has resulted in unleashing latent feelings of hate toward those who are different. Immigrant centers in Belfast recently received leaflets that threatened immigrants with death. The message was clear. “Get out of our Queen’s country before our bonfire night and parade day.” The leaflet was delivered to centers whose clientele is mainly Muslim, Indian or Polish. It threatened to blow up buildings in which immigrants live. Patrick Yu, who heads the Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities, believes the leaflets were mainly designed to frighten. There is even suspicion the leaflets might be the work of angry teenagers rather than an organized adult group seeking to kill people.

Northern Irish celebrate on July 12th an historic holiday which is strongly jingoistic. The Police have made clear they will not tolerate any violence toward minorities even during the week of celebrations and parades which ordinarily stir up feelings of nationalism and hate toward those who are different. Historically, the enemy of Protestants were the Catholics, but these days the target is anyone who is not born in Ireland. Perhaps, that is good news for Catholics– provided they don’t come from Poland or Romania!

Most Swedish Hate Crimes Are Racist In Nature

A report by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention concludes that over 70% of hate crimes stem from racial or xenophobic motives. About 72% were judged to have racial or xenophobic motives, 18% were related to sexual orientation and 10% dealt with anger toward religious groups. The most common form of hate crimes involve threats and harassment. The Council has noted a significant increase in hate crimes against Afro-Swedes and Roma immigrants. “We have seen in the police reports that these groups are particularly vulnerable.”

The Swedish report matches those emerging from east European areas such as the Czech Republic and Hungary. It is clear as Europe undergoes an historic shift in population that large segments of the populace are upset to witness the emergence of people having different skin color or religion becoming important in the economic sectors of society as well as constituting a future political power group.

Hungary Considers Making Hate Speech Illegal

There has been a consistent open verbal campaign against Roma people in Hungary by those who view members of this group as inferior and not true Hungarians. In the past few weeks, several Romas were killed or injured in attacks upon them in public or in their homes. Justice Minister Tibor Draskovics is proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Hungary which would strictly prohibit the use of hate speech and admits in sponsoring such laws he might be weakening freedom of speech and the press. His comments came in the wake of statements from the European Council that Hungary had not done enough to protect the rights of minorities against being physically and emotionally assaulted. Changes to the Constitution require a two-thirds vote which would require a coalition of political parties to pass such changes.

Freedom of speech and the press are the foundation of any free society. There will always be those who spout the rhetoric of hate, but they should be silenced in the free market of ideas, not by prison sentences. A physical assault on people is already a criminal act so there is no need to signal out a particular group. Enforce laws on the books. Every time a society limits freedom for what they consider the “right reasons” in the following years, those who hate freedom are able to use the same laws against those who stand for freedom. l

Homophobic Attacks On Rise In Denmark

The National Association for Gays and Lesbians(LBL) claims there has been a significant rise in the number of attacks against gay people in Copenhagen in the past few years. The municipality of Copenhagen only recently ever got around to classifying cases of hate crimes and discrimination against homosexuals. During the last month alone there were 62 hate crimes committed against gay people in the city of Copenhagen. Some experts believe the figure might be higher since some crimes are not being reported. LBL is concerned at the lack of any reporting system in Denmark concerning violence against gays and lesbians.

Orestedsparken which is located in the heart of Copenhagen is a well known center for gays and lesbians. It has become the scene of attacks on homosexuals. The LBL is urging introduction of courses on sexual issues within the schools of Denmark to raise awareness among the young about the danger of prejudice and bigotry.

Ukraine Struggles With Rising Hate Crimes

The Ukraine government’s dream is to one day be accepted into the European Union, but increasing evidence of hate crimes in the nation might increase difficulties into being accepted in a union which says hate crimes are not to be allowed. Nigerian medical student George Itoro Ebong was simply waiting for a bus in the central part of Kyiv when three young men ran up and shouted, “Go back to Africa, you’re a monkey,” and then proceeded to hit him over the head with a bottle. Ebong has learned from sad experience the only safe place for him in Kyiv is the safety of his dormitory at the university. “It is safe in the university and the dormitory, but on the street it is not safe, on the metro, even on the bus it is not safe.”

A report issued by Amnesty International warns of an “alarming rise” in racist attacks in the Ukraine. The organization says at least sixty people were killed last year as a result of racist violence and more than 30 people have been the victims of racism since the first of this year. Most of the violence is blamed on ultranationalist groups like the Ukrainian Labor Party whose leader, Evhen Herasymenko has called for purging of the nation of “sludge.” He recently told the Associated Press attacking dark skinned foreigners is like “the immune system–the reaction of a healthy body to the infection that got into it.”

Many human rights groups blame government inaction for allowing hate crimes to persist. The Ukraine obviously had no contact with dark skinned people in its history but some Ukrainians appear fearful of the presence of a person with dark skin. The US Embassy has alerted Americans of the presence of hate crime in the Ukraine.