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Can Children Be Taught To Hate By Parents?

A Canadian girl is at the center of an important court case because she was raised in a home by white supremacist parents whose beliefs led them to teach their children to hate anyone who was not white. The elementary age child used expressions like “Heil Hitler,” and told social workers that all black people should be killed. The trial is to determine if the province’s child welfare system will get permanent custody of the girl and her young brother. A social worker was called to the school after the girl showed up with white supremacist slogans written on her skin. She told the social worker that “what people don’t understand is that black people should die, that anyone who is not white should die.” Social workers discovered that in her home the children were given access to white supremacist websites.

The parents argue they believe in white supremacy just as some Muslims teach their children that only Muslims are right and it was OK to hate non-Muslims. “You can’t sit there and tell a Muslim family that they cannot teach their children Muslim beliefs or they can’t teach them Islam because there are certain people who take it to an extreme. Just because certain people take white nationalism to extreme doesn’t mean that I am.”

Provincial social workers also believe there is drug use in the house and the parents have given alcohol to baby sitters. The case raises questions as to what parents are or are not allowed to teach children.