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Each day we offer a review of headlines in the world press along with our comments.

Singapore, Straits Times: “Wave Of Death At Zoo”
Once again we see what happens when you elect an African American as president.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post; “Suspected Terrorist’s Parents Disappear”
I assume they were taken by terrorists.

Turkey, Zaman: ‘Police Chief’s Secrets”
He is a closet criminal?

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “British Trade Unions Boycott Israel Goods”
Yes, boycott Israel, but allow in Chinese, Sudan and Congo goods!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Sex, Lies, Visit Denmark”
Why, I can stay in America and get plenty of sex and lies.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “What’s Eating Me?”
Rush, Glenn, Lou, Bill and other such loud mouths.

South Africa, Argus, “Lessons To Be Learned”
Elect an African American as president and the voices of hate erupt!

UK, The Independent: “Rubbish Wars Sign Of Times”
Tea Party and NRA nut cases prove there is rubbish all over.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “War Over Words”
I don’t mind a war over words, but I do mind a war over nothing but virulent hate.

Israel Housing Minister Preaches Anti-Arab Hatred!

Ariel Attias, Israel’s Construction and Housing Minister, told the Bar Association in Tel Aviv, that it was time to face the reality that Arabs and Jews must inhabit separate sections of the country because if they live together it threatens the existence of Israel. “We can all be bleeding hearts, but I think it is unsuitable (for Jews and Arabs) to live together.” His argues that Arabs want to inhabit areas where Jews live in order to force them to flee and thus gradually the Arabs can take over large sections of Israel. Member of Knesset, Ahmed Tibi, expressed the shock that any Jew or Muslim should be saying it is incredible that a member of the Israel government regards its citizens as threats to security.

In 1965, I was among the first Jews to obtain a house in the previously all Christian Webster Groves community located in St. Louis. My six year old daughter experienced prejudice because she was the only Jewish girl in the school. I politely went to discuss the situation with a neighbor who told me, “why did you people come to our community? No one wants you here.” We eventually had to withdraw our daughter from her school. I read the words of Ariel Attias in shock. How can this man be a Jew! To be a Jew is to fight against bigotry and prejudice. To be a Jew is to remember that Palestinians are our brothers and sisters, not our enemies. As long as Benjamin Netanyahu and his gang of bigots like Avigdor Lieberman and Attias are in power, there can be no peace with Palestinians. It is time for Israelis to look into the mirror of hate and prejudice and see their reflections.

Israelis Embrace Hamas Tactics And Beliefs!!

Less than a decade ago, the Israel Peace Now movement was alive and supported by a large segment of the population, but recent events indicate a dramatic shift in attitude toward extremism and hatred of Palestinians. Years ago, there was a comic strip named Pogo in which a character(expressing a metaphor for supposed anti-Communist Senator Joseph McCarthy) “we have met the enemy and he is us.” Israel political leaders constantly decry the extreme hate attitudes of Hamas, but the only group that currently would understand the attitude and behavior of Israeli political leaders is Hamas. Avigdor Lieberman, the racist pseudo-Fascist Israeli politician, will probably secure about 16 seats in Parliament based on his program of non-stop hatred toward Palestinians, wherever they are. He even wants to institute “loyalty tests” for Israel Arabs.

Events over the past few years increasingly have moved many decent people in Israel into a defensive and hating stance toward Palestinians. What is one to make of support for Lieberman who in 2002 urged blanket bombing of Palestinian areas. “At 8:00 a.m. we’ll bomb all the commerce centers,… at noon we’ll bomb the gas stations…… at 2:00 p.m. we’ll bomb the banks while keeping the bridges open.” Tragically, many liberal Israelis are buying into this hate program, probably out of fatigue or being disheartened by events.

Nelson Mandela spent years in prison and emerged with love in his heart, not hate. Jewish leaders like Helen Sussman who recently died struggled for years to end apartheid, and never slipped into the mode of hate. Israel has become lost nation and one which will sell its soul for the pretense of “security.” The only security for Israel is peace. The Arab League has an offer on the table for peace and recognition of Israel. Grab it.

President Obama can not allow feelings for Israel to get in the way of working for peace. He must make clear to Benjamin Netanyahu who will most probably take over the Israel government that American policy can not support inclusion of Lieberman in a Cabinet.

A Modern Christmas Tale

The family was gathered for a Christmas gathering, there was laughter and songs and stories being told, but suddenly there came a knock on the door. A little girl ran anxiously to the knock, flung it open and there was Santa all dressed in red. However, instead of a merry Christmas from his mouth, a gun appeared and the girl was shot in the face. Santa then went into the house blazing away, shooting indiscriminately at those he once had loved and with whom he had shared joy. As people fled the house shouting in fear, Santa sprayed a liquid which set fire to the house. Bruce Pardo had just gone through a rough divorce and decided to use the holiday season to stage his rampage of hate. In the end, he got out of his Santa suit, drove to the house of his brother and killed himself. Police found eight bodies in the house as they arrived with firemen to put out the blaze.

It was just another Christmas tale. The holiday season brings millions together in love, but it also appears to unleash the forces of hate and anger. A few days before Christmas, Pope Benedict took the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ to launch a vicious attacks on gays and lesbians, surely not the time or place to utter words of hate. In the Christian nation of Zimbabwe, a mad man named Robert Mugabe holds millions hostage to his hate and children are starving. The force of love is always present at Christmas, but why does the force of hate show its face?

Leave The Children Alone, Demand Gazans!

Up to 170,000 Palestinians are part of a mass protest against the Hamas-owned TV station, al-Aqsa, for airing a children’s program that told viewers to kill the cartoonist responsible for the controversial Mohammed illustrations. Around 170,000 Palestinians have signed a petition against the station because of its fanatical and extreme views which are being used to arouse children to hate and engage in violence. Behind the signatures were several media organizations from the West Bank which are more moderate on political stances and apparently believe children’s programs should present ideas for children, not for violent adults who believe killing is the solution to all problems.

Hazam Shaarway, program director for Al Aqsa, admitted things had gotten out of control about the station’s attitude toward the Danish cartoonist. “Originally, we only wanted to explain that the prophet did not look like the way he was depicted in the cartoons,” he said. “We will now ensure that better control routines are in place for live transmissions.” However, he defended the station’s right to attack Israel, President Abbas, and other opponents in children programs. I guess Kurt Westergaard is just the latest person the TV station wants to have kiled,

By the way, how does Hamas know what the prophet Mohammed actually looked like?