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No Niqab For Players– Just Hats For Men!

The silly season has arrived in the form of a stand being made by those who oppose the brutal regime presently running Iran, no females will be allowed to play football if a girl is wearing a niqab. The Iran girls’ football team was kicked out of the Youth Olympic Games because FIFA ruled that wearing a niqab was not in accordance with laws of the game relating to field equipment. Many in Australian sport circles are infuriated by this silly decision. As Jamal Rifi commented: “we’re trying to encourage local females to play sport, head scarf or no head scarf.” As one accustomed to American football and baseball, all players have to wear head gear as do those involved in racing events.

This type of anti-Muslim ruling is simply offering proof to many Muslims that the rest of the world is bigoted. Exactly, how does wearing a head scarf interfere with playing soccer?