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Step I For Health Care In America!

According to latest reports the sky has not fallen, Wall Street is still open for business, people were not laid off by employers because of health benefits, and the world proceeds with its normal course of events. President Obama finally has pushed through a health care bill that will be the first step along the path of health and financial sense in the United States. The vote in the House of Representatives was 219-212 even as thousands of Tea Party bullies ranted and raved against passage of a bill that provided health care to 32 million of their fellow Americans. The bill is far from perfect. It does not address issues of rising premiums, it does not address issues of denying people access to low cost drugs, and it will not address issues of bloated profits for health insurance companies. It is a first step, that is all.

This blog would have preferred a more focused health care bill that dealt with rising insurance premiums and the need for low cost drugs and a public run option, but we expect in the coming years those ideas to become reality. President Obama did the right thing in fighting for health care, and now it is necessary to ensure that all Americans understand this bill is not against health care, it is a step towards achieving it.

Beware –Sky Is Falling, Yell Reppublicans!

Republican congressmen are up in arms because the House of Representatives passed a health care bill. Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon, yelled to the media, “I find it outrageous that the government would attempt to dictate where and how they(veterans) obtain their health care.” But, the VA already does dictate how and when veterans secure health care, I can only assume the California Republican does not grasp the VA is a prime example of SOCIALISM! After all, it is run by “THE GOVERNMENT” and it makes decisions concerning health care. Fortunately, unlike private health insurance firms, it does not penalize veterans for pre-existing conditions like being wounded in combat.

It is ironic that Republicans who CUT money for veterans by reducing funds for counseling are now up i arms over a national health insurance scheme that offers people protection against private greedy health care providers.

By the way, check how Democrats have increased funding for veterans.

Has Obama Labored To Be Bush Light?

To those of us who voted for Barack Obama and shed tears when the first African American in history was elected president, the past several months have become transformed into a nightmare of deja vu. He promised new ideas in Iraq and Afghanistan. But, he continues the Bush fiasco in Afghanistan and is still unclear what he will do about Iraq. Instead of taking a few weeks to carefully analyze options in Afghanistan that would open new roads to peace, President Obama fell into the trap of “more is better,” the same strategy that led to the debacle of Vietnam. Anyone who believes President Karzai can create a viable government in Afghanistan can contact me about purchasing a bridge in Brooklyn.

A new president has to be focused. Of course, number one on the agenda in January was the economy. But, number two was jobs for those being downsized and those entering the economy. For example, creating a federally funded National Education Corps of 200,000 would have been a job producing education innovation that dealt with preschool and k-12 in a productive manner. Instead, we have Secretary of Education Arne Duncan trotting out the Bush NCLB concept of more testing of children and more testing of teachers.

Among the most incredible blunders of the “bright young men and women” was denying any social security raise this year! President Obama, explain to hard working seniors how the government has $1.7 trillion for business and banking, but no money for a modest 2% raise in social security benefits?

Few who voted for Obama expected lack of imagination, arrogance, and insensitivity to pervade his administration. The health care program should have been focused on two or three issues. For example, computerizing all aspects of medical care in year one, in year two providing an experimental federal funded health program for anyone under the age of 25. Then, incrementally, add another age group each year over a ten year period.

Sorry, Mr. President, you ignored the average American who voted for your candidacy and, in so doing, have lost trust.


Nobody Asked Me But,

I don’t doubt for a moment aliens have visited planet Earth. Being intelligent life forms they did what any intelligent life form would do after encountering humans, get the hell out of this planet!

One day I will get the guts to say, “have a bad one.”

Labor Day will shortly be upon us. I doubt if ten percent of those under 30 have any comprehension why the holiday emerged.

I think sometimes Obama must experience the loneliness of the long distance runner.

During the initial twenty years of my life Democrats were president. In 1952, Eisenhower was elected. We greeted his election calmly, considered him a decent man, the sky did not fall, and life went on.

I wait expectantly for the introduction of Monica Lewinsky into the health care debate. Someone will charge she received medical treatment after she treated Bill Clinton’s body part.

If I was 23, I’d get in my car and head west. Wherever I stopped would be my destination.

I never complain about having to wait to see my doctor. I am 79 and alive, what else is important– I have a cold?

Modern mom. Looking at text messages instead of the kid.

I often see the sign, “In God We Trust.” I think it should read, “Does God Trust Us With This Planet?”

Clunkers for gas efficient cars makes sense. What exactly is the argument about?

Two years in jail for shooting oneself is ridiculous. I believe the NRA will fight for legislation which gives Americans the right to shoot themselves.

Colleges have opening convocations, concluding graduations. But, no one gives a damn what happens inbetween.

I assume when I get to heaven, God will explain to me the connection between health care and Nazis. Of course, the Devil is the one enjoying the entire craziness.

Americans Respond To Tea Party Fascists

St. Louis was the scene of Tea Party Fascist thugs seeking to disrupt the process of discussion and debate. We print the following comments by St. Louis citizens who attended a meeting called by Congressman Russ Carnahan:

Marilyn Beck, Affton

“There was a large crowd in attendance with a vast number of individuals intent on disrupting what should have been a highly informative meeting about issues we all will have to face in our lives.
The pandemonium truly was a sight to behold. It all started with some people in the crowd making a mockery of the Pledge of Allegiance. It continued with outbursts from some in the crowd, talking over the speakers too many boos to count. Nazi salutes and name-calling. this all occurred while the speakers to to carry out the promised agenda.
It was clear that those who were disruptive were there only for that purpose. We have freedom of speech, but I suggest that the obstructionists who were at Thursday night’s meeting start thinking for themselves, turn off the talk radio and television and try to start an honest and true dialogue with their congressman. If they do, their voices will be heard and they won’t be just some voice yelling nonsense at a meeting.”

David Scott, St. Louis

“I attended the Russ Carnahan event August 6. I knew what to expect but was taken back by the outrageous display of anger. The crowd was driven by fear, paranoia and, in some cases, blatant racism. One man was carrying a shirt calling President Obama ‘just another bum begging for change.’
Despite the mob’s attempt to intimidate the crowd, a few of us stuck around and sane the same patriotic songs the ‘tea party’ sang. Telling us we were committing blasphemy they shouted, ‘God damn you to hell.’ Of which God were they speaking? God who commands us to to love one another and He loves us, to cast us to hell because we want universal health care?”

Tea Party supporters are the same type of too bit hooligan who flocked to the Nazi party and thought Adolf Hitler represented the voice of reason. They are the voices of hate and anger, not the voices of love and compassion which is characteristic of great American leaders. To those of us who seek a universal health care system, we welcome those with ideas on how to achieve that end.


When I was a little boy growing up in the Depression, my immigrant father who never had the benefit of an education, would take me for a walk in Crotona Park in the Bronx. We would pass people arguing for Socialism, capitalism, women rights, liberalism, conservatism, etc.. and my father would say: “America, America, it is a wonderful country. Here a man can speak freely and the police don’t beat him up.” During the past month, an avalanche of so-called “Patriots” have harassed meetings to discuss health care and they have uttered the most offensive garbage in the history of American politics. Ostensibly, they argue their “patriotism” is analogous to the Boston Tea Party. Unfortunately, their knowledge of American history is equivalent to their ignorance about the Obama health program. In the 1770s, Parliament granted a monopoly on the sale of tea in America to the East India Tea Company and that group proceeded to CUT THE PRICE OF TEA in order to wean Americans from buying tea from smugglers. Of course, the goal of the Obama health plan is to LOWER HEALTH COSTS. For some strange reason these loud mouth fanatics are against lowering costs and prefer that Americans spend more money.

Tea Party advocates employ the language of hate and fear because they are inherently bigots. Bill Hennessy, a St. Louis leader of the Tea Party argues life in Obama America “doesn’t feel like America” and he sees nothing wrong with referring to the president as “our Fuhrer” or the “Grand Dragon Wizard.” Rhonda Linders goes further in her complaints about President Obama and the health care plan. “What is the world going to look like for our children and grandchildren? It’s very scary to see and think that our children may be living under a dictatorship. Maybe in concentration camps.” Huh! A basic argument of Tea Party goons and thugs is that Obama is spending America into bankruptcy. Let’s look at the record:
1. Under the presidency of Republican Ronald Reagan, the national debt doubled.
2. Under the presidency of Democrat Bill Clinton the budget was balanced and even had a surplus. His plan was to use the surplus to begin paying down the national debt.
3. George Bush II inherited a balanced budget and a national debt of$5 trillion. When he left office eight years later the national debt was $11 trillion. Funny, but I don’t recall Tea Party advocates organizing demonstrations against Bush spending America into horrible debt. Could it be the so-called Tea Party is nothing more than a front for the Republican Party?

Tea Party comparisons to Nazi death camps are beyond the pale of political discourse. I gather Tea Party supporters believe Jews in
Auschwitz had health insurance. These words and expressions about Nazism insult every survivor of the Holocaust. How dare these ignorant bigots insult those who truly have suffered!

In case there is rain in your locale tomorrow, let me explain the source of the rain drops. They are the tears of great Republican leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt(by the way, Tea Party supporters it was Teddy who initially advocated the Income tax)Wendell Willkie, Robert Taft, Dwight Eisenhower, Fiorello La Guardia, crying over what has happened to their party.

Republican Crazies Compare Nazis To Obama

Republican crazies have been out in force throughout the nation in order to create anger, fear, and hate which are the three horsemen of right used by the right in their battle against health reform. Many Jews in Israel and the United States are furious at the use of Nazi imagery to portray the Obama health plan as something akin to the death camps of World War II. Town Hall meetings have witnessed right wing kooks using swastikas and other Nazi associations in order to prove if America has a health plan to assist those without health it is merely the first step on the road to Auschwitz.

David Harris, head of the National Jewish Democratic Council, blasted Rush Limbaugh’s tactics of likening health care to Nazism. “Limbaugh’s horrifying use of Hitler references and swastikas is deeply offensive and wildly inappropriate, and it has to stop now.” Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League stated bluntly “the use of Nazi symbolism is outrageous.”

I do not understand the attitude of Democratic leaders who are attacking Rush Limbaugh and those seeking to end the Nazi style Obama health plan. Everyone knows that prisoners in death camps had available an Obama style health plan and that is the reason so many died in the camps. Once doctors provide affordable health care to people it is the first step on the road to crematoriums.

Obama Pledges Help To ALL VETERANS

During his political campaign for the presidency Barack Obama pledged to create a Veterans Affairs department that addressed the need of all those who served their country regardless of how much they earned in their retirement. Currently, veterans who earn above a stated amount of yearly income are not eligible to receive VA medical services including access to low cost drugs. Those who earn “too much” were locked out of the VA during the Bush administration which was interested in cutting costs. It is not surprising that Bush and his fellow cowards, Cheney and other prominent Republicans who were draft dodgers during the Vietnam War prevented those who served from being part of the VA health system.

President Obama is endeavoring to restore access to VA health to all who served regardless of income. “I don’t think there’s a perfect formula. But I think we have obligations to both sets of veterans. Given the resources we have, we want to try to meet as many of those obligations as we can.” Fair words from a fair president.

All who served their nation were promised access to VA health care. George Bush II, the COWARD, cut millions of veterans from access to health care and low cost drugs. I find it fascinating listening to right wing Republicans like Rush the Mouth who never served his country proclaiming how Republicans care more about their nation than do Democrats.

China Confronts Health Care Issues

A Chinese population which now exceeds a billion people has yet to confront issues of how to provide health care to such a large group. The Chinese government at the launch of World Health Day announced a three year program to expand health care throughout the country. For decades, under Chinese communism a vast social welfare system guaranteed people they would receive government aid, but as that system has been dismantled there is yet to emerge a new one geared to life in semi-capitalist China. The basic premise of the new approach is to provide basic health-care as a public service. In moving toward such a goal there must be enormous expenditures in terms of facilities and a medical staff that could meet the needs of China.

It remains to be seen whether the new initiative is more than pious words expressed to meet world complaints or will it be a serious effort to ensure every person has access to decent health care.

Bill Richardson Calls For $15 Billion Plan To Aid Veterans

Presidential candidate Bill Richardson proposed a $15.5 billion plan for military veterans that would cut their income taxes, provide health care and expand education benefits. The New Mexico governor would pay for the plan by expanding capital gains taxes. He noted the miserable conditions that were exposed in February at the Walter Reed Medical Center as an example of Bush administration failures to deal with needs of veterans. “Not every wound can be treated with bandages,” he said, “we have to have a national strategy and we don’t. We need to make mental health care a priority for veterans.” His plan includes a health care card entitling veterans to their choice of care when they cannot conveniently access Veterans Administration care. It also allows one year of comprehensive disability insurance for family members who have to leave work to care for a wounded veteran.

Many decry the failure of the current Democratic controlled Congress to do anything, but its record in passing legislation to assist members of the military and veterans is outstanding. They have done much to remedy failures of the Bush administration to care for veterans wounded in Iraq.