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Social Injustice Is The Murderer Not Murderers

A new report for the World Health Organization(WHO) which was put together through the combined efforts of hundreds of researchers and university experts reveals the “toxic” combination of bad policies, economics and politics is killing people on a large scale. Health inequalities are widespread and could be avoided if governments were cognizant of the needs of poor people. For example, in the United Kingdom, a boy born in the Caiton suburb of Glasgow was likely to live, on the average, 28 years less than one born a few miles away in Lenzie. Life expectancy at birth of men in Hampstead, in north of west London was on the average 11 yeas longer than it was for men born in the vicinity of nearby St. Pancras railway station.

The report’s conclusion included providing “universal health care,” and social security protection from the cradle to the grave as well as a “living wage,” affordable housing and investing in early childhood care. Now, the task is making people understand the meaning of the report so they will elect officials committed to ending toxic conditions of life.