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New York City Cuts Police -Increase Crime?

The president of the United States wanders the nation emphasizing the need for medical insurance even as twelve million people lack jobs. In other words, if the twelve million received health insurance, they could not pay for it! Even worse, the 100% focus on health care has resulted in layoffs among members of government entities such police. New York City will be forced to reduce its police force to the lowest levels in thirty years even as crime rates continue declining. One can only assume the new theory of crime prevention is to reward those who are responsible for fewer deaths or other violence by firing them! The time to INCREASE police or fire fighters is when they are doing the job for which they were hired.

There is something amiss in the Obama administration. I believe completely in health insurance for all Americans. But, right now, we need to provide jobs and what better way to accomplish that task but hiring police, firemen, social workers, etc…? The “success” of the Obama strategy will be evident in November when Republicans gain control and block any of his proposals. Then, he will offer the excuse, “if only I had a Democratic majority in Congress!”


The Republican party out of power enables its leaders to clearly demonstrate the only concern of Republicans is maintaining power. The current political debate in which Republicans have failed to announce a single logical idea dealing with the need for health care in America enables the nation to finally understand it has been years since Republicans expressed a concern for their nation and its issues. For example:

1. Republicans insist Barack Obama’s health care proposal is an example of “socialism.” Actually, there are only two clear examples of socialized medicine in the world — the British National Health Insurance plan and the American Veterans Administration health care plan for veterans. VA doctors are hired by the Federal government and they provide health care based on government decisions and guidelines. Most veterans believe they receive good care and drug costs of the VA are much lower for its clients than drug costs for those in other health plans. Is the Republican Party opposed to continuance of the VA health program?

2. The Republican Party has failed to issue a single idea on how to provide health care for the forty five million without health insurance other than George Bush’s famous remark they can go to the Emergency Ward. America awaits a Republican plan about dealing with those lacking health insurance. Will it ever come?

3. The key topic among Republican talk show hosts this week deals with– is Barack Obama a real American born citizen and the behavior of a Harvard professor and a policeman. Aside from being the silly season, these are non-issues when our nation needs leadership.

4. This generation of Americans is not familiar with the greatness of the Republican party and its advocacy of ideas to deal with important issues. For example:
a. Theodore Roosevelt is the one who began national conservation.
b. Theodore Roosevelt and Republicans like Senator Bob LaFollette urged legislation to allow the Federal government to regulate large business. Among the ideas coming from Republicans were child labor laws, regulation of working conditions, the right of Americans to join unions, regulation of hours women worked, tenement housing laws, etc.. Yes, my friends, this is what REPUBLICANS USED TO FIGHT FOR IN AMERICA! Today, they are concerned about birth certificates.
c. In 1940, after Wendell Wilkie lost the presidential election to Franklin Roosevelt, he became an envoy for the president, traveled the world working for America and wound up writing a book entitled, “One World.”
d. It was Dwight Eisenhower in his last speech who warned America about the “military industrial” alliance which threatened this nation. By the way, Eisenhower was the only president in the past fifty years who CUT the military budget.

If you really are a Republican, head for the nearest door.

Grand Old Party Fights to Defeat Health Care

The Republican party for eight years has blasted Democrats for failing to cease attacking the Bush administration and playing partisan games rather than uniting to ensure what is best for the nation. Of course, when it comes to the art of cynical politics, there is no doubt Republicans are unmatched in the political history of this country. Republican Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, captured the essence of Republican patriotism by openly saying if his party can defeat the proposed Obama health insurance program, it “will be his Waterloo, it will break him.” One can just imagine if a Democrat had uttered such words about George Bush during the fighting in Iraq. During the past few months right wing pundits, the health insurance industry, and Republican politicians have engaged in a campaign to distort the issue of health care and spread fear and distrust within the population.

Let’s examine their claims:

1. A national health insurance option is an example of “socialism.” Nations throughout the world including many which are based on free enterprise principles offer their population a national health insurance option.
2. National health insurance means “government bureaucrats” dictate health care instead of physicians. Anyone who had been to doctors during the past half century either experienced or knows a family member who experienced a health insurance company bureaucrat who dictated medical practice.
3. National health insurance will destroy the quality of America’s health. The most significant figure on health is life expectancy. The United States used to lead the world in this category but has fallen behind nations such as Japan or the Netherlands.
4. People will have to wait to see a doctor. I suggest anyone who believes there is no waiting in America to visit your nearest emergency ward where spending a day to get medical assistance is not unusual. Actually, people in other nations have greater access to preventive aid than do Americans.

President Obama put it as clear as one can when he noted “if we do not act, 14,000 Americans will continue to lose their health insurance every day.”


The Internet’s hot ticket these days revolves around two important issues — is Michael Jackson really dead and is Barack Obama really an American citizen. These topics illustrate the state of the Republican party. In the midst of a health care crisis, economic dislocation, and need to create jobs the only jobs being created by Republicans is for detectives rambling around Hawaii in search of a birth certificate or waiting for a midnight visit to a graveyard. The other day a CNN reporter presented concrete evidence that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii but the following day, CNN reporter? Lou Dobbs wondered if we could finally get at the truth concerning the birth of Obama.

Perhaps, it is my left wing bias, but I will assume Barack Obama is an American just as I will assume George Bush has a hotline to God. What has happened to the party of Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Wendell Wilkie, Robert Taft, Dwight Eisenhower, and– believe it or not, Richard Nixon! Let’s examine Republican beliefs.

1. Republicans argue national health care is a “socialist idea.” But, national health insurance is found all over the world both in capitalist, semi-capitalist, and socialist societies.
2. Republicans argue Social Security is “socialist.” But, social security initially was developed by Otto von Bismarck, an arch conservative leader in Germany as a means to FIGHT SOCIALISM!
3. Republicans argue national health insurance will result in bureaucrats making medical decisions. Huh! At present, health insurance bureaucrats make medical decisions every day in every way.
4. Republicans argue Barack Obama has created massive federal deficits. In 2000, George Bush inherited a balanced budget from Bill Clinton and the national debt was $5 trillion and under Clinton the process of paying it off had begun. When Bush left office eight years later, the annual budget ran a deficit of close to a trillion and the national debt was $10 trillion.

The tragedy is lack of any desire on the part of Republicans to work in a cooperative fashion with Democrats to create a new health insurance scheme that incorporates both free enterprise and a national health insurance plan.

The best explanation for what has happened to the Republican party is that it is now clear the ideas of Charles Darwin are incorrect. How can anyone argue there has been human evolution when the first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln and the current favorite of Republicans is Sarah Palin?

On Welfare Queens, Brain Turmors-Republican Politics!

Ronald Reagan made the issue of so-called “welfare Queens” an important point during his election to the presidency claiming many women on welfare were living a luxurious life at the expense of the government. Lidsay McCreith who is suing the Ontario government on ground it failed to provide him immediate medical treatment for a brain tumor is collaborating with independent filmmaker Stuart Brownng and a former Rudy Giuliani adviser, Dr, David Gratzer, to portray national medical plans as failing to meet the needs of people. The film has been seen by over two million on YouTube.

McCreith claims he was mistreated by the Ontario medical system which made him wait for an operation compelling him to go to Buffalo, New York, in order to save his life. McCreith has now transformed himself into an expert on the entire Canadian medical system. The typical Republican ploy is identifying one or a few cases and then portraying them as proof nationalized health care is not working. Of course, how many thousands of poor Americans had to wait for medical treatment? How many people in America lack any form of health insurance and learn much later than those with such coverage about life-threatening disease? Unfortunately, poor Americans lack money or time to cooperate with YOuTube filmmakers on films about their medical plight.