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Zimbabwe’s Health System Collapsing!

The brutal regime of Robert Mugabe has not only thrown his nation’s economic system into complete ruin, but now threatens to destroy its healthcare system. Basic drugs are no longer available because outside nations will not sell goods to Zimbabwe given its current inflation rate of over 2,000,000%. Doctors and nurses took to the streets to protest their inability to take care of patients and were met by riot police whose only care is protecting the health and welfare of the thugs who run Zimbabwe. The government’s own newspaper, the Herald, reported at least 36 people had died of cholera, but even this has no impact on Mugabe and his drive to keep power in his hands.

Hospitals in the town of Beitbridge which is near the border with South Africa report 431 people have been diagnosed with the infectious disease. The disease is growing in Zimbabwe because the sanitation system has broken down due to lack of money. In the meantime, Mugabe and the criminals around him refuse to accept a power sharing agreement with opposition powers because they fear honest officials will uncover their crimes.