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Israel Government Wants Prison For Shooters

The Israel government has asked the Supreme Court to rescind its release of a West Bank settler who shot two Palestinians in Hebron last week. State prosecutor Ze’ev Braude wants the settler who shot the Palestinians during the evacuation of Hebron’s House of Contention must go to jail and not simply be under house arrest. The Court has allowed him to remain in the Hebron area as long as he is within the area of his home. The Supreme Court is arguing there is insufficient evidence the Israeli settler was not under threat by the Palestinians.

The defense of Braude that he acted in self defense is a bit hard to accept given that the two Palestinians did not possess weapons. It is decisions such as these that place into question the integrity of Israel law when it comes to issues of Palestinians getting shot by Israelis. We can assume if a Palestinian shot two Israelis the decision would be immediate prison.