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Republican Refers To Schumer As “That Jew”

A Republican candidate for the position of seeking the US Senate seat in Arkansas referred to Senator Charles Schumer as “that Jew” which can be assumed not to be a compliment. Of course, it is still unknown if Kim Hedren refers to Jesus Christ as “that Jew,” but given that Jesus did not come from “Jew York” we can assume he is simply good old Jesus Christ, the Jew from Bethlehem. Mr. Hedren insists he is not anti-semitic, he just goes around referring to certain Jews as Jews. “When I referred to him as Jewish, it wasn’t because I don’t like Jewish people.” Heck, I bet some of his best friends are Jewish, not that he’d marry any of them.

Mr. Hedren now believes it is uncertain whether he actually ever made the reference to “that Jew.” Most probably, he meant to refer to “that Christian” but got confused and wound up saying “that Jew.” I assume he also refers to “that Muslim” and “that black person” and “that Jap.” Mr. Hedren is an equal opportunity “that” person when referring to those who are not Christian.