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Tony Blair Talked Iraq Invasion In 2002!

George Bush used scare tactics to intimidate the American Congress and people in March, 2003 by insisting there was an immediate threat of WMD and something had to be done right away. This mantra has been repeated by other Bush lackeys such as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. However, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Helen Clark has revealed while she was attending the funeral for the Queen Mother in England in April, 2002, Tony Blair met with Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard, Canada’s Prime Minister Jean Chretien and herself to discuss the possibility for a need to invade Iraq. Clark told the British leader, “I didn’t think that was something New Zealand would want to be involved in, so we never let anyone think that we could go there.” She emphasized her intention of making clear to Blair(and Bush) that her nation was not going to participate in any invasion of Iraq.

The revelation by Helen Clark again raises questions as to whether or not an invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with WMD and everything to do with Bush’s intention of crushing Saddam Hussein. President Bush lied to the American people and Tony Blair lied to the people of Great Britain. That is the bottom line.