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Helen Suzman Dies At 91- Hail A Hero!

Helen Suzman, who single handedly fought against apartheid in South Africa as the only representative in Parliament who openly challenged the ruling segregationist National Party, died peacefully in her sleep. She stood alone for many years in her nation against the forces of hatred and violence which denied basic rights to native black skinned South Africans. She was the only parliamentary voice which condemned he brutal treatment of political dissidents like Nelson Mandela and would never cease making her voice heard not just in her own country but through out the world.

Congress of the People head Mosiuo Lekota said he and others imprisoned on Robben Island would always be indebted to her. “No doubt, those of us who spent years of imprisonment on RobbenIsland will always remember with gratitude Helen’s dispersed visits to the island to inspect the conditions under which we were kept. She would then return as a lone voice to expose the apartheid regime’s inhuman treatment of political prisoners.”

A giant is dead.