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Does Clinton Hear The Sounds Of Obama Victory?

Barack Obama continued his roll of primary victories with easy triumphs in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. His winning margins were at the 60% level and exist polls in Virginia indicated he was now gaining the support of a majority of white males. Senator Hillary Clinton has not won a single primary since Super Tuesday and her deputy campaign manager resigned. She has been forced to borrow an additional $5 million from her own funds in order to continue the campagin.

It is time for Senator Clinton to respond to John F. Kennedy’s plea of asking not what government can do for you but what can you do for the United States. Senator Clinton has an opportunity to do something for this nation by dropping out of the race and throwing her support to Barack Obama. America lives at an important moment in its history and Senator Clinton can move us forward by recognizing a majority of people across the spectrum of public opinon want Obama.

There will be deep and painful hurt for Hillary Clinton who wanted to become the first female president in history. The arrival of a woman president will not be long in the future. But, we must halt Bush policies of foreign policy incompetence and economic disaster by electing a liberal Democrat to the presidency. Hillary Clinton can well look to the great career of Ted Kennedy in the Senate as a model of what can be done for one’s country.

Obama Urges A Campaign Of Change

Fesh from weekend victories in primaries around the nation, Barack Obama is beginning to make slight shifts in his campaign in order to address the more important strategy of dealing with the threat of Senator John McCain. Obama has begun to zero in on what he terms are Hillary Clinton’s inability to “break out of the politics of the last 15 years.” In particular, he pounded away at failed policies in Latin America. Obama argued it is not sufficient to continue expressing the mantra of “I oppose Castro or I oppose Chavez.” He pledged to visit Latin America and directly challenge Chavez policies and to work with people of the region in developing new programs.

Hillary Clinton understands as well as any insightful political leader our policies towards Cuba make no sense, but her ongoing fear to cause controversy block action on her part to urge new policies in Latin America. Barack Obama is willing to take the risk of alienating some Cuban voters in Florida in order to create new Latin American directions. He is willing to blast President Kibaki’s vote fraud in Kenya which Senator Clinton will not address.

A 21st century world requires new thinking. Barack Obama understands the winds of change are sweeping Africa and Latin America and is wlling to meet with leaders in those areas of the world to explore new directions. He is willing to meet with Iranian leaders rather than play it cool and conservative knowing full well such audacity risks angering some voters in America. Senator Clinton is intelligent but she fails to realize this century requires bold new thinking. Senator Barack Obama has demonstrated over the past few days his ability to gain support from all sectors of the United States.

Hopefully today’s votes in primaries will provide additioinal evidence that Obama’s bold new vision is one the American people support. The times they are a’changing and a new leader will move this nation into a world in which diversity of thinking is embraced.

Oh Billy Boy-Get Some Sleep!

Senator Hillary Clinton admitted on Face the Nation that her husband’s hard-hitting campaign tactics had gone overboard but chalked up his erratic behavior to love and lack of a good night’s sleep. “You know, my husband has such a great commitment to me and to my campaign, he loves me just like, you know, husbands and wives get out there and work on each other’s behalf.” She admitted tensions of the tight race for the candidacy of the Dmocratic party had resulted in “maybe he got a little carried away.” She blamed “sleep deprivation” for his comments concerning Barack Obama and defended Bill Clinton’s role in working for the rights of African Americans.

Barack Obama’s victory speech in South Carolina, responded to the attacks of Bill Clinton by noting relics of the past are “fighting back with everything its got, with the same old tactics that divide and distract us from solving the problems people face.” Bill Clinton simply has lost contact with the world of 2008. Democrats today want someone with a vision for America that unites rather than separates people. They are no more interested in the skin color of a person anymore than who people sleep around with in the privacy of their homes.

Obamania Sweeps Over New Hampshire

Obamania is sweeping through New Hampshire like a winter wind bringing winds of change to the northeast. Latest polls indicate he now holds anywhere from 39% of the vote up to the forties while Clinton has dropped to about 29%. A fatigued Hillary Clinton vowed not to drop out of the race even if tomorrow’s news is a crushing defeat for her campaign. “It’s not easy. It’s not easy,” she told her supporters. “I just don’t want to see us fall backward.” The Iowa defeat and the coming defeat in New Hampshire has made Clinton adopts the Giuliani strategy of focusing on the large states.

Barack Obama has connected with the people of America while Senator Clinton appears trapped in the past of experience. The question confronting both candidates and political analysts is whether success in Iowa and New Hampshire will translate into victories all over the country. Is Obamania a quick spring rain that will vanish or is it the beginning of a powerful storm that will rage across America. In a sense, the future does not belong to Hillary Clinton, she is known for who she is and what she has accomplished. The future belongs to Barack Obama if he can convinced the American public there is substance behind the rhetoric of a charismatic voice.

Hillary’s Future Road– Up Or Down?

Tomorrow is an important date in the life of Senator Hillary Clinton. Just about every poll indicates she will lose to Barack Obama by about anywhere from 3% to 12% of the vote. Future political analysts will use the Hillary Clinton campaign as a case study in what not to do. She cast herself in the armor of “experience’ in a time when Americans were disgusted by their nation’s leadership. The last thing voters want is someone who has experience in failing. Hillary Clinton surrounded herself with “experts” ranging from her husband to those earning thousands of dollars advising her to play it safe and never reveal the person underneath the cold exterior of smugness. The experts sold a “package” rather than allowing a human to just be herself and show America that she not only had intelligence, but human compassion.

The post New Hampshire campaign will be much more important to Hillary Clinton. Will she engage in shrill attacks on Barack Obama? Will she go for the jugular and attempt to be tough? America is turning to Barack Obama because it seeks new ideas, new energy, and someone who will unite a nation divided by red and blue states. All signs point to the inability of Hillary Clinton to offer such a vision to America. Perhaps, the best thing she can do after tomorrow is to announce her support for Barack Obama and unite behind a candidate who will represent not merely the Democratic Party, but the nation.

Is It Baggage Or Brilliance That Counts?

David Olive, writing in the Toronto Star, asks the question as to whether or not Hillary Clinton simply has too much baggage to ever secure the nomination or win the election for president. Two months ago in Paris, he spoke with a group of American tourists, including a few women who wanted a female president, but when Hillary’s name came up, they all rejected her as a choice. Ironically, notes Olive, despite having a more liberal voting record than Clinton, it is Obama who is viewed as the centrist candidate. “But, the same baggage that afflicted Al Gore in 2000 has sapped Clinton’s candidacy of excitement and momentum.”

Olive raises the point that despite being a woman, despite being very intelligent and well informed, Hillary Clinton blends into the background of the other white male experienced men running for either the Democratic or Republican nomination. On the other hand, despite Obama’s youth and relative lack of experience, he comes across as an agent of change, and a candidate who will end the divisiveness of the past two decades. The American people hunger for leadership that moves away from “them” and “us” towards one which seeks to unify a nation. Olive believes Americans sense there is something wrong not merely with their society, but with those leading it, and that is the spark plug which is the dynamo placing Obama to his victory.

Hillary Clinton still leads in national polls, she is among the best qualified and informed candidates in this year’s primary marathon, she had ideas, but, does she possess soul is the question. People respect rather than love her. People nod their heads in agreement as she goes through another one of her keen analyses of problems, but they do not feel warmth to her in their hearts. They do not sense her candidacy heralds a new beginning, instead, it reflects more of the same old anger and fury that has marked American politics since 1992.

In 1960, Richard Nixon was the candidate of experience, and lost to the young and charismatic Kennedy, in 1980, Jimmy Carter had experience and lost to the cliche spouting warmth of Ronald Reagan. In 1992, George Bush far exceeded in government experience the younger Bill Clinton, but it was the gregarious candidate who gained victory. The times they are a’changing and this year will witness the emergence of Barack Obama and the politics of hope and change as the winning combination for the presidency of the United States of American.

Political Slime Wars Result In Clinton Apology

Senator Hillary Clinton encountered Senator Barack Obama at a Washington D.C. airport and extended her apology for the uncalled for comments by an assistant in her campaign who implied the Illinois senator might have ben engaged in drug dealings earlier in life. Bill Shaheen, a Clinton campaign co-chairman, has said that since much of Senator Obama’s background was murky it might lead Republicans in a fall campaign to imply that he had a wayward youth that probably included drug dealings. “There are so many openings for Republican dirty tricks,. It’s hard to overcome,” he told The Washington Post. Mr. Shaheen apologized for his remarks and then resigned his position.

I really don’t know why Mr. Shaheen resigned, everyone knows that African Americans spend their youth dealing drugs just like Jewish children are youthful bankers, and Irish kids like Shaheen can’t stop guzzling down beer and whiskey in their wayward childhood. The tragedy of his comment is that he actually thought people would believe such nonsense about Obama. Of course, Senator Obama has written his life story– unlike Hillary Clinton– so, if there is anything murky in the past of politicians it most likely will come from an examination of Clinton’s background, not Obama’s youth. This silly incident merely highlights failure on the part of Hillary Clinton to offer the American people bold ideas and a vision for the future. Instead, she is focusing on trivia and, in so doing, opens the door for her campaign associates to sink into the pit of slime and innuendo in order to counter the increasingly bold campaign of Obama.

P.S. Will Mr. Shaheen now reveal the secrets yet uncovered about the childhood of Oprah Winflrey?

Tone Down War Rhetoric, Mr President, Urge Democrat Senators

A group of 30 Democratic senators led by former Vietnam War veteran, Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, urged President Bush to tone down his threats about war with Iran. The senators reminded the president that Congress had not authorized any military action against Iran and economic sanctions imposed by the Republican administration and “provocative” statements by Bush and other administration officials were “counterproductive and undermine efforts to resolve tensions with Iran through diplomacy.” They pledged cooperation in working with the Bush administration to safeguard the United States and promote regional peace and security in the Middle East without need of war. Two presidential candidates, Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Chris Dodd, were among those signing the letter.

This is a much needed action on the part of Congress to reduce tensions in the Middle East. The United Nations is attempting to work through diplomatic channels in order to resolve issues dealing with nuclear development on the part of Iran. The UN deserves an opportunity to attain peaceful resolution of the problem. One can only assume that President Bush has forgotten the last time he refused allowing the UN to solve the problem of Saddam Hussein’s famous WMD. The world and 3,800 dead American soldiers know the result of his refusal to work cooperatively in peaceful negotiation. George Bush so enjoys playing to the grandstand of emotions that he fails to act in his role as president of this nation whose sworn duty is maintaining peace and security of the people.

Enough Of Blindly Following US, Says Aussie Professor!

Jake Lynch, of the Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney, argued it was time for Australia to cease blindly following American leads and focus on its own national interests. He doesn’t believe the election of Hillary Clinton will fundamentally alter American policies which seek to impose its interests as the dominant ones in the world. America has initiated actions designed to intimidate nations and refuses to work with other countries on global issues such as the need to reduce carbon emissions. The United States is like an addict who can’t shake the hold of hydrocarbons on its psychic being. “Undermining multilateral initiatives on climate change is one side of the coin, attacking Iran is the other side.” Lynch believes “American comes to Australia for support in its military initiatives, not because the Pentagon needs help, but to get political cover for the appearance of leading a posse of allies, essential for squaring public opinion at home.”

I believe such comments as those of Lynch, will increasingly be emanating from nations throughout the world as realization becomes blatantly clear American foreign policy initiatives have only one purpose in mind — imposing American desires upon the world. The United States has come a long way from President Truman’s desire to work with nations of Europe in a coalition to build prosperity and ensure world peace against potential threats from the Soviet Union. Today, President Putin wanders the world as among the few leaders willing to challenge American hegemony. Perhaps, Hillary Clinton will take an alternative road from that of Bush, but, so far, she has not indicated an intellectual grasp for the need to completely rethink American economic, political and social directions. The world needs a massive effort to confront global warming and Hillary Clinton has to speak honestly in this direction instead of merely choosing her words to be politically correct.

Rudy G. Mocks Himself As He Mocks Hillary For Socialist Ideas

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani came out verbally swinging against Hillary Clinton’s proposal to give every newborn American child a $5000 bond that could be used for education. He claimed the idea was “socialist” in nature and would cost $20 billion. He argued the cost of the plan would hurt all Americans. “And, you know who it comes out of– yours, mine, hardworking Americans, hard earned dollars. Twenty billion dollars. And we’re going to have to add to that the cost of the large bureaucracy that’s going to have to print up the bonds, right with Hillary’s picture on them.”

I’m glad Rudy G. is concerned about the American tax payer. He reiterated his support for Bush’s tax cuts which cost over $1 trillion (not twenty billion, but $1 trillion) and resulted in the average American receiving the grand total of about $300 while wealthy people received millions. Warren Buffet, a billionaire, complained that the tax cut benefited him while his secretaries got next to nothing. I’m certain Billy Gates would be more than willing to trade in $10,000 for his two children for the Bush tax cut which got him millions. It would help if Rudy G. actually read some history. “Socialism” refers to government ownership of the means of production. How can it be “socialism” to give each American child a $5000 bond which they can use in deciding their education? The more Rudy G. speaks , the more it becomes apparent this is a one note man–9/11 over and over again. By the way, Rudy G. gets at least $100,000 a speech for uttering platitudes about his heroics, if he wants to term that “hard work,” so be it. Of course, while doing this “hard work,” Rudy G. insists on traveling in a private jet, having an entire floor of a hotel for his staff and himself, and even deciding who eats at his table. Perhaps, Mr. Giuliani can tell the rest of us how to get such “hard work.” Maybe I can get one of those bureaucratic jobs printing up the bonds. Today, I received four commercial prints outs advertising products — I wonder if those corporations hire an army of bureaucrats to print them up?