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Muslims Moo At Hindu Temple

The history of humanity is a non-ceasing outburst of hatred towards those who religion is not your own. People are killed, whipped, burned to death and other forms of punishment because their religion was not that of other people. A Malaysian court has charged six Muslim men with sedition for parading a severed cow’s head to protest the construction of a new Hindu temple. They were part of a group that marched from a mosque to the Hindu temple in an effort to arouse public anger against Hindus.

According to their lawyer, the cow’s head was not meant as an offense to Hindus but to reflect the “stupidity” of the government. “If you llok at the Malay culture, the cow is synonymous with stupdity and not meant as an insult to religions.

I suspect the only stupidity in this case is asking people to believe there was no intent to insult Hindus.