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Hindu Hate Sparked By Indian Politicians

The presence of political manipulators in India has long been suspected as behind attacks on Muslims in that nation. An Indian government investigation into the 1992 rampage by Hindu mobs which resulted in the death of over 2,000 people reveals mobs were urged on by leading Hindu nationalist politicians. The report accused politicians for stoking religious hate for electoral gain and blamed security forces for standing by while hundreds of innocent people were killed by the mobs. “They(security forces) could have at least attempted to stem the tide of communalism and the rape of democracy. But they chose to remain deaf, dumb and blind throughout,” noted the report. The outburst of Hindu fury led to the physical destruction of a Muslim mosque and the death of thousands.

Naturally, Hindu nationalist politicians condemned the report and once again argued Muslims had constructed their mosque over what was a Hindu temple. I am always fascinated how men of God invoke God’s name to murder the innocent. Who cares which was the first to build a temple in a particular place, does that, under any conditions, justify killing and raping? Who are these “Hindu religious figures?” They may be of the Hindu religion, but they certainly are not very religious.

Anti-Christian Violence Spreads In India

The Western media has published countless articles depicting Muslim terrorism and violence but has tended to ignore the growing violence in India against Christians. At least 20 people have died over the past month in the state of Orissa as Hindu mobs attacked churches and homes of Christians who are accused of a variety of crimes ranging from attempting to convert poor Hindus to killing Hindu leaders. Yesterday, a mob of 1,000 surrounded a police station in Orissa’s Kandhamai district demanding the release of 20 Hindu leaders who had been arrested in conjunction with violence toward Christians. Police had to open fire and at least one person was killed in their attempt to storm the prison.

Thousands of Christians have already taken shelter in makeshift government camps in Orissa after Hindu mobs torched their homes. Ironically, India has never had any history of such anti-Christian behavior and it most probably has arisen over the past few decades as Hindu nationalism became more prominent in the political scene. In the southern state of Karnataka at least 20 churches have been burnt by Hindu mobs in the past ten days.

The India government has asked for assistance from the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party but there is scant evidence it wishes to calm down the mobs. Perhaps, it is time for the world media to pay some attention to Hindu terrorism and violence.

Christians In India Riot In Response To Hindu Riots

Hindu militants spent the past weekend attacking Christian places of worship resulting in the burnings of at least 20 homes and the destruction of 17 prayer halls. Hard line fundamentalist Hindus claim Christians pay money to poor people in order to gain converts. In response to the riots, Christian groups engaged in their own riots yesterday and clashed with Indian police. About a 100 Christians were arrested because police intended to halt the spree of riots. The recent outbreak of anti-Christian rioting began in August when a Hindu religious leader was killed. Police insisted a Maoist rebel killed him, but fundamentalist Hindus concluded it was the work of Christians. They rioted and burned down an orphanage. At present about 20,000 Christians have fled their homes and are living in refugee camps.

The ongoing tragedy of India is the unresolved religious clashes which continually set Hindu vs Muslim or Hindu vs Christian or Muslim vs. Christian. One can only conclude that religion in India has served to bring joy to millions and hatred to millions.