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Hindu Nationalists Against Conversions-Except Theirs

The 21st century has dawned with the amazing news that the old religious wars are once again alive and well in the world. Jews and Muslims fight in Israel and Hindus and Christians are engaged in a serious conflict in India. Hindu fundamentalists are furious at what they claim is an attempt by Christians to convert poor Hindus so they did the only thing one who is against forced conversions can do–use force to convert people to Hinduism. Siman Nayak was one of the Christians in the state of Orissa who was forced by Hindu nationalists to become a Hindu or face the consequences. “They told us if you do not become a Hindu we will hack you to death.” He was one of thirteen villagers who were surrounded by Hindu thugs waving axes and shouting for revenge after the death a few days earlier of a Hindu leader they claim was killed by Christians. Actually, a Maoist leader last week said he ordered the killing in protest against forced conversions by Hindus.

There are deep seated religious fears and ignorance at play in the riots that swept Orissa during the past month. Hindus are the majority in India but they refuse to exam why Hindus convert to Christianity. Perhaps, Christians are offering people something that is not present in the current Hindu approach to religion.

Hindu Worker Beaten To Death Over Religious Issues

It was a typical day in the Karachi factory as men prepared to get ready for the day’s work in the leather factory. The men chatted, and for some reason the conversation got on the topic of religion. Words were exchanged, the conversation became more heated, and voices rose in anger. Suddenly, one of the men accused their friend of saying things that were outrageous. He pointed at the man who uttered the words, others began to shout at the man, and within moments a crowd gathered. They picked up whatever they could find to use in beating the man, their anger grew to fury, and within moments, the man was beaten to death as the group cheered at their deed. As a mob prepared to burn the corpse, police arrived and prevented this last piece of anger from unfolding.

The man who was beaten to death in the leather factory in Karachi was a Hindu. The men who beat him were Muslims. Their argument centered around the Koran and the Muslims insisted their friend has defamed the name of Muhammad and was guilty of blasphemy. The Hindu was a member of a small minority of people who were Hindu living in a predominantly Muslim community. Although, most Muslims and Hindus live in peace in Pakistan, there are always these isolated incidents when religion gets in the way of friendship and can result in death.

It was just another day at work in the leather factory.