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Political Bombast Prevalent At Conference

Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain vied at the annual conference of the League of United Latin American Citizens to out do the other in the cliche contest of that accompanies speeches to ethnic or racial groups. Senator McCain promised to “unleash the creative ingenuity and hard work of the American people,” but did not exactly explain how this wondrous task would or could be accomplished. He wants to create more jobs but is against large scale government efforts to create jobs. On the other hand, Senator Obama focused on the immigrant experience by emphasizing we are all immigrants and we should not look down on those who look different or speak another language. The important thing is that all Americans know, “you can make it if you try.”

What else can one say at such gatherings other than I can spout better cliches than my opponent? Naturally, neither one got specific about issues such as what to do about illegal immigrants. It is much safer to promise jobs and you can make it if you try.