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Soviet Union And World War II!

The origin of World War II continues to be a hot issue on the political scene as President Dimitry Medvedev insists his nation was the savior, not the instigator of the world conflict. He told the media it was a “flat-out lie” that dictator Joseph Stalin had anything to do with causing the war. He accused the Ukraine and Baltic states of attempting to smear the Soviet Union as the brutal force in the war and ignore their own participation in collaborating with Nazi Germany. Medvedev was furious the EU passed a resolution equating Stalinism with Nazism.

At the center of the World War II debate is Stalin’s decision to sign a non-aggression pact with Hitler in 1939. The agreement also included turning eastern Poland over to Russia once Germany conquered Poland. Stalin later argued without eastern Poland in Russia’s possession, Nazi Germany would have taken Moscow in the winter of 1941. His argument has validity, but Medvedev ignores the UK warned Stalin of a German attack in June, 1941 and he ignored it resulting in devastating Russian casualties.

Is the Soviet Union akin to Nazi Germany. In terms of being dictatorial, in terms of having racist policies, in terms of having death camps, the comparison has some validity. But, the Soviet Union under Stalin was NOT an expansionist nation and had no dreams of conquering all of Europe. That was a critical difference. Medvedev is absolutely correct in arguing the Soviet Union in WW II bore the brunt of the German army, at least 70% throughout most of the fighting.

Medvedev is also correct in arguing the Ukraine had many collaborators with Nazi Germany and the Germans readily had the support of many in the Baltic states for the anti-Jewish atrocities. The bottom line is the world is better off that Nazi Germany was defeated and the Soviet Union eventually disintegrated.

Israel Government Descends Into Toilet Politics

Every nation, at one point in time or another, discovers it has an albatross around the neck of its government which projects the exact opposite image that is desired. Israel Foreign Ministe Avigdor Lieberman is vivid proof that human evolution has not occurred. The nation which spawned great leaders such as David Ben-Gurion or Golda Meier now has the Russian born thug and foul mouthed foreign minister at the helm of its foreign affairs. Lieberman has ordered Israel diplomats to circulate a photograph from 1941 which depicts a prominent Muslim cleric together with Adolf Hitler. This is factually correct, there were Muslim clerics who were pro-Nazi including important clerics in Jerusalem. As the Palestinian Authority noted in response to the order, “it’s an old story that has its own circumstances and it doesn’t apply to the present.”

If one seeks to play the “pro-Nazi game,” perhaps Lieberman would like to review the record of Italian Jews, many of whom were members of the Mussolini Fascist party and served in the armed forces as well as government. That was then, the circumstances were different, and this Lieberman story only once again proves he is a disgrace to the Jewish people, to the nation of Israel and to the field of diplomacy. Is this his best argument?

Should Mein Kampf Be Banned?

A popular Russian web site which offers material on the past history of Russia has been blocked because it published Hitler’s Mein Kampf. The site, Hronos.info was told by the St. Petersburg police it would be shut down because it is illegal to publish Mein Kampf in Russia. Hronos.info posts articles and scanned historical documents to assist those attempting to dig into Russia’s past history. Ironically, even a book by British historian, Hugh Trevor-Roper, a well known expert on Hitler, is banned because of its title, “Hitler’s Table Talk.” Those in charge of the site now have a warning and if they persist in publishing banned material they may face criminal prosecution.

The history of World War II is a controversial topic because leaders like Putin have their interpretation of the conflict and do not want contrary materials online. For example, most historians of World War II are aware Dictator Joseph Stalin was sent data from the British telling him Russia would be invaded by Germany in mid-June, 1941 but he refused to accept their information. The Putin version is of the great hero Stalin who from the first moment led his people.

The other issue is should any book be banned? Frankly, it is not that difficult obtaining a copy of Mein Kampf if the desire is present to read the rambling, at points, incoherent words of Hitler. It is doubtful even the most rabid neo-Nazi would ever get through the volume. Frankly, let them read the book, it might convince some that Hitler lacked any coherent ideas.

Hitler Wasn’t That Bad A Guy Says Formula One Chief!

British society has a habit of possessing men of education and wealth who lack any comprehension of history, let alone the English language. In an interview with The Times, bernie Ecclestone, head of Formula One, offered his brilliant insights into the government of Nazi Germany and its leader, Adolf Hitler. “In a lot of ways, terrible to say this I suppose, but apart from the fact that Hitler got taken away and persuaded to do things that I have no idea whether he wanted to do or not, he was in the way that he could command a lot of people, able to get things done.” After being challenged on this incredibly confused and ignorant understanding of Nazi Germany, Mr. Ecclestone went on to make even more confused statements. “I was not using Hitler as a positive example of leadership, but only pointing to the fact tha tbefore his dreadful crimes against humanity, he successfully governed through the unemployment and economic crisis (of the 1930s).”

Well, let’s examine the supposed “successful” Hitler governance.
1. During the 1930s, thousands of union officials, Jews, and other opponents were arrested and sent to concentration camps.
2. Hitler undertook a massive increase in the armed forces which allowed reduction in unemployment. He developed a huge armament industry.
3. He forced Austria to end its democratic government.
4. He unleashed vicious attacks on Jews during the thirties.

Mr. Ecclestone may know something about hair shampoo, but his ideas on Hitler should result in him being waved out of the hair of people.

Hitler Not That Bad A Guy Says Swedish Politician

A recession invariably results in some people going back into history in search of ways to solve current economic problems. Christian Democratic party politician, Karl-Goran Valivaara, went back and discovered that perennial saint of dealing with problems, Adolf Hitler. The Swedish politician noted: “the building of the motorways was a good thing. We still drive on them.” He claimed dear old Adolf had turned the German economy around and brought good times to one and all. Of course, Karl admitted that some Jews “got it worse,” but, then again, they could drive on the motorways on their way to death camps.

Adolf Hitler turned the economy “around” by developing a vast military expenditure budget as well as creating an army of eight million young men. Yes, such tactics do result in taking care of unemployment and there are jobs for all — including millions of slave laborers.

Of course, Adolf never matched his buddy, Benito Mussolini, who made the trains in Italy run on time. I guess if getting trains to run on time is your goal, these two sweet men are excellent role models for economic health.

Russia Rewrites History Of WWII

Modern Russia has long since distanced itself from its Communist past, but when it comes to issues of the military and wars, there still is a commitment to prove neighboring nations caused problems for the innocent Communist leaders. An article that appeared on the web site of the Defense Ministry claims that Poland is responsible for the outbreak of World War II because it forced Hitler to invade it. Prior to the German invasion, Hitler demanded that Poland turn over to him the major port of Danzig, and allow construction of a railroad and highway through Poland in order to link up with East Germany. “One can hardly call the first two demands ungrounded” wrote the Russian military writer.

Of course, what the author did not wish to discuss is the secret agreement made by Hitler with Communist dictator Joseph Stalin that, in effect, divided Poland between Russia and Germany. After Hitler invaded Poland, the Russian army moved in and took possession of eastern Poland. The article no doubt fits into Prime Minister Putin’s desire to review what is printed in Russian textbooks and eliminate any “anti-Russian” comments.

Then again, all Hitler wanted was the western part of the Soviet Union so he could get access to food and oil supplies. “Germany’s demands were pretty modest…”

Indian Students- Hitler A Business Genius!!

There have been many historical studies of Adolf Hitler but none which came even close to the views of university students in India who have concluded after reading Mein Kampf that is really is a book which explores business strategies. Somehow, lost in their reading was any connection to the anti-Semitic ranting of Hitler or his desire to wreck vengeance on people or his desire to kill and destroy. According to Indian publishers, “the initial print run of 2,000 copies in 2003 sold out immediately and we knew we had a best seller on our hands.” University students are the ones who believe this man of evil is somehow a financial or business genius.

Mein Kampf is still a best seller in nations like Turkey where it sold 100,000 copies in the first six months of 2005. It sells thousands of copies in Muslim nations, but the reason for its success in India is truly baffling. Anyone who can explain it?

Hitler’s Birthday In Russia

During the dark days of 1941 and 1942 when the Russian people fought for their very existence, millions died in the fight against Nazism. The gallant Russian soldiers and civilians who held back the German army at Stalingrad no doubt assumed their children and grandchildren would somehow mark their bravery with celebrations. Little did they know that sixty years later, their descendants would be marching in the streets of Moscow to celebrate the birthday of Adolf Hitler! There were several incidents during the latest march by skinheads who glory in their adoration of a man who killed over twenty five million Russians–Adolf Hitler. These skinheads hate dark skinned people which certainly places them in the mindset of Nazism.

There are no words which can express the depravity of these skinheads to hail a man who committed such evil to their grandparents. Thank God, they are dead and not alive to witness this atrocity of evil on the part of their descendants!

Hitler’s 120th Birthday Celebrated In Ukraine?

Monday, marks the 120th anniversary of the birth of Adolf Hitler and Kyiv in the Ukraine will witness a “National Socialism” march by kooks who think Hitler did something right. The American Embassy issued a warning to Americans to avoid areas where people will be marching and arguing and possible fighting. Of course, the real issue is why are ANY UKRAINIANS celebrating the birth of a man who killed millions of Ukrainians and laid waste vast areas of the region. For some who love the man with the small moustache, he did rid the premises of those nasty Jews.

Any Ukrainian who is waving a flag and sieg heiling on Monday should get a history book and learn what this man of evil did to your ancestors!

Mugabe Backs Down From Declaring End To Cholera!

Yesterday, President Robert Mugabe told his people the cholera epidemic in the country had been licked and there was nothing to fear even as hundreds were dying of cholera. His remarks sparked a world wide furor at the sight of a nation’s leader lying about a disease that had already killed 800 and was on the way to killing thousands. Some critics even compared the delusional Zimbabwean leader to Adolf Hitler. A spokesman for the president rushed to inform the world, Mugabe has spoken with “sarcasm” and accused western nations of distorting his words. Mugabe had asserted the cholera problem had been solved with the assistance with the World Health Organization, but an official at the WHO made clear, “I don’t think the cholera outbreak is under control as of now.”

Bishop Joe Seoka of the South African Anglican church said: “Mugabe must be viewed as the 21st century Hitler because of the deaths and sufferings of Zimbabweans under his rule.” He urged that war-crimes charges should be filed against Mugabe.

The issues of Zmbabwe will not be solved until the African Union places the needs of Africans before their friendship with Mugabe for past success.