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An American Turk Defends Turkey

Vural Cengiz, a Turkish American offered a vigorous defense of Turkey and condemned House Resolution 106 which deals with Turkish genocidal policies toward Armenians. He argues “How could two million people be collected when only one million existed” in 1915. He then goes on to blame America for many problems impacting Turkey including the Bush I Gulf War which cost Turkey “billions of petro dollars.” Cengiz points out there is evidence Kurdish rebels who are attacking Turkish forces possess American made weapons. “Now Turks are not only called national enemies, but enemies of humanity?” He argues under the Ottoman Empire all nationalities lived in peace and were able to keep “their religious beliefs and values.” Armenians, he claims, aided Russia which was an enemy of the Ottomans and “were punished for their killings and betrayal.”

We print this harangue because it illustrates the emotional and distorted feelings of those in Turkey who are upset at H.R. 106. The Resolution places the onus of killing Armenians on the Ottoman government, not the subsequent Turkish government. It is interesting Mr. Cengiz claims Armenians gave “aid” to Russia and were then “punished for their killings and betrayal.” Ordinarily, if people in a nation offer aid to enemies, those engaged in such activities are punished, not others. He actually admits Armenians were “punished.” There is not a single word of explanation regarding pictures which have been published of dead men, women, and children whose bodies lie in pits. It is time for the people of Turkey to take a history lesson from Germany. The German people have admitted responsibility for the Holocaust, offer wonderful programs about the horror to children in school to ensure the past is honestly confronted, and have provided compensation to Holocaust victims. If Germany could confront its past, why not Turkey?