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Pope Apologizes For Recent Events With Holocaust Denier

Pope Benedict XVI sent a letter to Roman Catholic bishops concerning the recent controversy that was sparked when he readmitted British Bishop Richard Williamson back to the church only to spark a world wide controversy over the Holocaust denier views of the bishop. He admitted the Vatican failed to do its job of checking facts and knowing about the Holocaust views of
Williamson and at least having serious conversations with the man prior to announcing he was being readmitted to the church. Of course, this was only one of several recent incidents in which it appears there is a lack of serious and comprehensive investigation prior to making statements.

No one believes that Pope Benedict is a Holocaust denier, but failure to adequately understand the views of Bishop Williamson resulted in the present controversy. Is one of the problems the lack of differing views among those in the Vatican which can lead to the lack of someone yelling the emperor is without clothes? Perhaps, it is time for the conservative Pope Benedict to include more liberal views among those who daily interact with him on issues.

Holocaust Denier Still Denying

Bishop Richard Williamson has been asked to leave Argentine after continuing to make remarks concerning his disbelief that anything such as the Holocaust ever happened. He insists, based on his “research” that historical evidence was “hugely against six million having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler.” The Catholic Church has made clear it is washing its hands of the bishop and he is on his own. Williamson was met by documentary maker Michele Renouf, who believes it is a “disgrace” there is no reasoned debate about the Holocaust.

I hate to inform the good bishop but several thousand books have been written about the Holocaust, there are hundreds of historical works which analyze in great detail every aspect of the Holocaust and there are still thousands who were in the death camps where most of their companions were gassed in the non-existent gas chambers.

Historians have been “debating” virtually every aspect of the Holocaust and have examined thousands of documents from Nazi Germany. There were at least nine million Jews in Europe in 1939 and by 1945 the number was closer to 3,000,000. Perhaps, the six million went to Argentine.

Sarkozy Blasts Vatican On Holocaust Denial

President Sarkozy expressed his displeasure with the Vatican’s handling of the recent Holocaust denial on the part of Bishop Williamson who the Pope was prepared to readmit into the Catholic Church. “It is shocking, ” said the French President, “and it is unacceptable that someone in the 21st century can deny the Shoah, the martyrdom of the Jews.” Sarkozy called on the Vatican and the Pope to insist on changes in the views of Bishop Williamson. The Vatican announced that prior to being readmitted to the Church, Williamson must “unequivocally and publicly” change his views on the Holocaust. It also said that Pope Benedict had not known of the bishop’s Holocaust views prior to promising to allow him back into the Catholic Church.

The damage has been done and even if Bishop Wiliamson says he was wrong, few will believe there is sincerity in such statements. Unfortunately, Williamson simply spouts the ignorance of Holocaust deniers who prefer to ignore history due to their hatred of either Jews or Israel.

Bigoted Canadian Native Leader Reveals Ignorance

It is common for those who support the fight to increase rights for oppressed people to assume, based on their own experience, their leaders would fight to end hatred in the world. David Ahenakew, former leader of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, has damaged his group/s fight for equal rights by constantly attacking Jews and preaching the hatred of racism. “Everybody says I’m a Jew hater. I don’t hate Jews, but I hate when they do to people.” In his bigoted view, Jews caused World War II and the Holocaust. He believes the Holocaust was justified because, “how do you get rid of a disease like that, that’s going to take over, that’s going to dominate?”

This ignorant man insists Jews “damn near owned all of Germany prior to the war” and Hitler was simply trying to protect the German people against the evil Jews by making sue “the Jews didn’t take over Germany or Europe– that’s why he fried six million of those guys.”

Mr. Ahenakew, undoubtedly has encountered discrimination and hatred in his life, but, unfortunately, has only learned from that experience that hatred must be met with being a hating person. His comments on the Holocaust are so ridiculous one can not take time to refute his undoubted ignorance. Killing six million innocent people, regardless of what some people from their group do or don’t do, is never an excuse. The punishment for Mr. Ahenakew should be to tour death camps and learn about the Holocaust.

Holocaust Denier Fights Extradition

Dr. Frederick Toben, is fighting extradition from the United Kingdom because he fears being deported to Germany where he faces a European Arrest Warrant for his alleged remarks which deny the Holocaust ever happened. As he entered the court, several people rose and gave stiff armed Nazi salutes. The German born academic has taken Australian nationality and was arrested at Heathrow airport on his way back to Australia. he is wanted in a district court in Mannheim, Germany, for posting information of an “anti-semitic or revisionist nature” on his website. It is not a crime to express such views in Great Britain, but it is in Germany.

The European Arrest Warrant expedites extradition from one EU country to another if the crime entails at least one year in jail. An important issue in this case is the right of free speech. Dr. Toben’s views hardly reflect intelligence or what one would expect in the ability to engage in critical thinking from a person with advanced education. But, the essence of democracy is that people are entitled to their views regardless of how ridiculous they may emerge.

Alleged Holocaust Denier Held Ar Heathrow

Gerald Frederick Toben, a teacher who has argued the Holocaust never happened, was detained by police at Heathrow airport in London. He was held under a German arrest warrant issued in 2004 which alleges he had carried out “world wide Internet publication” of material that was anti-semitic, and denied, approved or played down the mass murder of Jews by Nazis during World War II. Toben appeared before the magistrate and angrily denied the government had a right to “to arrest me on British soil.” He was upset and claimed the British and German governments were cooperating to deny him his rights of free speech.

In a 2005 interview on Iranian television, Toben told the audience, “The Holocaust equals a lie. Therefore, Israel is built on a lie.” In the British court, Toben begged the magistrate “to le me leave the country, to kick me out. I promise never to return.”

As someone who has worked in Holocaust education for more than thirty years and despises everything Toben stands for, I still believe he has a right to his beliefs. There is no proof his words have directly led to harm to anyone and therefore this is not a case of “yelling fire in a crowded theater.” Let him go free and allow those who believe in free speech to defeat him in a contest of historical factual data vs his blind ignorance.