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Why The Intensity Of Hate Toward Israel?

Howard Jacobson, writing in the Independent, raises several interesting questions about why is there such intense hatred of Israel among British university protestors and intellectuals in the United Kingdom. I have been fascinated why the level of hate to Jews in Israel far surpasses the hatred directed at those who kill hundreds of thousands of humans. There is something particularly angry and vicious about the manner in which those opposing Israel policies explode in righteous hate when the word “Israel” reaches their lips. I have never seen any demonstrations against the killing of five million people in the Congo which is characterized by hate toward the perpetrators of the killing. In fact, words such as “killing” are employed while killing by the Israel army is termed, “slaughter” or “massacre.” I wonder why.

For years Hamas sent rockets into Israel, and those who express hatred toward Israel argue the rocket attacks were ineffective so there is no reason to become upset at those actions. Actually, Hamas deliberately sent rockets into civilian areas including those which had children and to justify these actions on grounds the rockets were “ineffective” begs the question of what does one say when a group aims rockets at civilian areas? Certainly, the hope of Hamas was to KILL JEWS, not just to fire ineffective rockets.

Mr. Jacobson points out that Cheryl Churchill was quoted as saying “Jewish children are bred to believe in the ‘otherness’ of Palestinians. An interesting observation, particularly from someone who I doubt has ever visited Israeli schools or talked with Israel teachers. How does Ms. Churchill know that hatred toward Palestinians is part of the Israeli curriculum? Of course, in every Muslim nation in the Middle East, teachers preach hatred of Jews and Israel. Every day I read newspapers from the Middle East and the cartoons depicting Jews are vicious and writers boast that young people must believe in the truth of the Palestinian struggle. I am not arguing if the Palestinian view of the struggle is right or wrong, but could Ms. Churchill cite any example in any Arab newspaper where the views of Israelis are presented?

I constantly see placards with slogans about the “Holocaust in Gaza.” There is no Holocaust in Gaza and there never will be one. The Holocaust was a government program aimed at killing every single Jew in Europe with the ultimate goal of killing every single Jew in the world. No Israeli politician, even the foul mouthed Avigdor Lieberman, has ever stated such a goal.

I oppose the Israel invasion of Gaza as I oppose mistakes made by Israeli politicians over the past few years. But, how can anyone just focus on Israel mistakes without commenting about those of demagogic Muslim leaders who would rather see death and destruction than live in peace with Israel?

I must conclude that the intensity of hate toward Israel reflects hidden anti-semitism. How else can one explain the viciousness of the hate toward one country and the absence of such hate toward the murder of 200,000 in Darfur and the expulsion of millions? In Uganda, rebel armies have killed 60,000 people but not one British demonstration has been held at which protestors denounce the Holocaust in Uganda. Why?

Pope Benedict Rethinks Controversy

Pope Benedict XVI went to great lengths to distance himself from the words of a Catholic Bishop who is an outspoken advocate of denying the existence of the Holocaust during World War II. The pope’s decision to welcome back bishop Richard Williamson into the Catholic religion after he was excommunicated, has created a storm of protest throughout the world and deeply impacted the church. A group of rabbis met with the pope to discuss the situation and they were greeted with warmth by the pontiff who tried to allay their fears about his own Holocaust views. He made clear it “was his fervent prayer that the memory of this appalling crime will strengthen our determination to heal the wounds that for too long have sullied relations between Christians and Jews.”

There is no question Pope Benedict is not a Holocaust denier, but for some reason he has been placed in an awkward position by Williamson and perhaps he has been poorly assisted by his own staff who should have researched the Williamson views before there was any talk of welcoming him back into the church.

Holocaust Denier Denys Recanting Over Denial

The British bishop who has questioned the existence of a Holocaust in Europe during World War II refuses to accede to the request by Pope Benedict that he renounce “in an absolutely unequivocal and public” way his statements that only 200,000 Jews died during WWII. Bishop Richard Wiliamson said he was have to “examine historic evidence” before he could re-evaluate his views. “It is not about emotions but about historic evidence” and claimed he was aware there might be people who actually disagree with his crazy ideas. There are thousands of books about the Holocaust, films made at the time, diaries by both Jews and Nazis, and still Mr. Williamson is unaware there might have been a Holocaust.

The Pope has been left holding the bag by this vicious little man who hides in the shadow of ignorance to cover up his blatant ant-semitism let alone his refusal to grasp that hundreds of thousands of gays and Roma were also killed. Surely, this man has no place in the Catholic religion.

Perhaps, the good bishop could explain what happened to the six million Jews who were in Europe in 1939 and were not there in 1945. Does he think they all went to Las Vegas and Florida in search of sunshine?

Pope Benedict Reels Under Criticism

Pope Benedict XVI has been surprised by the violent outburst of German political and church leaders over his decision to bring back into the fold four formerly excommunicated bishops. When it became clear that Bishop Robert Williamson had told Swedish television he did not believe there was a Holocaust and accounts of the death of Jews during World War II were greatly exaggerated, the follow up to the remarks shocked Vatican leaders. Furious reactions came from European leaders, particularly, comments by German Chancellor Angela Merkel who made clear her disgust with the decision to allow the return of Bishop Williamson. She told the Vatican, “This should not be allowed to pass without consequences” and “the pope and the Vatican should clarify unambiguously that there can be no denial(of the Holocaust)”

There is growing evidence the Pope was shocked to learn about the Williamson views concerning the Holocaust and now is in a defensive mode. He is demanding that Bishop Williamson openly recant his views about the non-killing of Jews in the Holocaust. Chancellor Merkel has been placed in an awkward position. She is leader of Germany which conducted the Holocaust and the Pope is a German. She felt compelled to take a strong stand.

Pope Benedict In Search Of Where To Go

The Vatican is temporarily in disorder as various priests attempt to sort out where the Church is headed after a week of turmoil and disorder brought about by Pope Benedict’s decision to reinstate four conservative priests. Unfortunately, for the Pope, one of the priests he allowed to return to the church gave an interview in which he said that Hitler never killed six million Jews and there was no Holocaust. Cardinal Walter Kasper, who is in charge of the Vatican’s relations with the Jewish community, admitted the decision to lift the ban on a Holocaust denier has created anger and fury. A bishop in German termed the Pope’s move to be “catastrophic” and even German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed anger at the decision and called upon the Pope to acknowledge his mistake in allowing Holocaust deniers to be reinstated as priests.

British born Robert Williamson, one of those who had been excommunicated and now reinstated, is most probably the most controversial due to his ignorant statements about the Holocaust and denial of massive Jewish deaths in the Holocaust. As Chancellor Merkel put it: “If a decision of the Vatican gives rise to the impression that the Holocaust may be denied, this cannot be left to stand.”

Pope Benedict was attempting to restore to the church conservatives who had been at odds with many decisions of the past few years. However, in reaching out to satisfy their ideas, Pope Benedict may well have alienated many within his own church. Perhaps, it is time to return to the ideas of Pope John XXIII who set the church’s face to the future and captured the imagination of millions of loyal Catholics.

Israel Rabbis Cut Ties With Vatican

The history of the Catholic Church on issues dealing with anti-Semitism or anti-Muslim issues is hardly among its actions in defense of freedom. Pope Benedict since assuming the responsibility of heading the Catholic Church has allied himself with forces of reaction who seek a return to an earlier era of time. The Pope’s decision to reinstate a bishop who had publicly stated there was no Holocaust and no Jews were gassed to death has infuriated Jews throughout the world. Israel’s highest Jewish body severed ties with the Vatican and the chief rabbinate wrote to the Holy See expressing “sorrow and pain” at the decision to reinstate a bishop who believes “not one(Jew) of them was (killed) by gassing in a chamber.”

The Pope expressed his “full and indisputable solidarity” with Jews and expressed his view there was a Holocaust. Perhaps, Bishop Bernard Williamson can explain why Pope John XXII, who was a priest during WWII worked so hard to save the lives of Italian Jews. Was he part of a Jewish plot to claim there was a Holocaust when none existed? Perhaps, the good bishop can explain pictures, films, and first hand witnesses such as General Dwight Eisenhower who visited the death camps and saw the gas chambers.

I believe Pope Benedict should return to the 14th century when things were clear to all Catholics about what constituted the “truth.”

Is The Israel Gaza Attack An Example of A Holocaust?

Tariq A Al-Maeena, writing in the Kuwait Times, argues Israel’s bombing of Gaza fits the definition of a “Holocaust” and cites a dictionary definition that claims a Holocaust occurs when “a very large amount of destruction, especially by fire or heat, or the killing of very large numbers of people.” The word “Holocaust” is generally used by historians to describe actions by a government to systematically kill every single member of a particular group regardless of where they are in the world. If we take the definition used by Maeena, then just about any “large” number of people killed could be termed a Holocaust. I have yet to see any Arab newspaper refer to the death of over 3,000,000 in the Congo or the murder of over 200,000 in Darfur or the killing of over 50,000 in Uganda by the Lord’s Resistance Army as examples of a Holocaust.

He argues “Palestinians are being killed like insects not because of Hamas or because of Qassam rockets or hand-thrown rocks. Palestinians burn and bleed because they are non-Jewish natives of that land. There is no other reason.” If Israel seeks to kill Muslims because they are Muslims, then why haven’t the one million Muslims in Israel been hunted down and killed? The GOVERNMENT of Gaza, which was elected by the people of Gaza, sent over 5,000 rockets into Israel. Let me make clear, I believe the Israel attack on Gaza was way out of proportion to the problem. I condemn the bombing of schools and killing of innocent Muslim civilians. However, there is NO Israel government program to kill each and every Muslim. Hogwash.

I agree with Maeena that Israel’s response was disproportionate to the issue of rocket attacks. I agree it has resulted in the death of innocent civilians. But, at no place in his article does Mr. Maeena make reference to the criminal actions of Hamas in placing weapons in schools or firing mortars from areas where there were many civilians.

I beg to differ with Mr. Maeena in his historical analysis of the land of Palestine. There has always been a significant Jewish population in the area. I believe the Ottoman Empire census of Jerusalem in 1896 revealed a majority of its inhabitants were Jewish. The Ottoman Empire encouraged Jews to settle in Palestine in the 1880s– prior to Zionism. Perhaps, he could explain why in 1948, Egypt took over the Sinai and Jordan seized the West Bank area– the Arabs did NOT establish a nation of Palestine.

Arabs would stand on higher moral ground if they would condemn the Arab Muslim slaughter of over 200,000 people in Darfur and the expulsion of over 600,000 from their lands. Why no concern for those people, Mr. Maeena? I do not see any mention of the 750,000 Jews forced to flee for their lives from Arab nations in the 1940s and 1950s.

Let me make clear, there is enough stupidity and disregard for people on both sides. The recent Israel attack is horrific and violates basic Jewish values. But, Arab Muslims who seek the high moral ground have to get around to condemning the slaughter of millions in the Congo and hundreds of thousands in Darfur. Would Mr. Maeena begin by employing the word “Holocaust” in reference to the Muslim Arab nation of Sudan’s policies in Darfur?

Environmentalist Are Modern Nazis, Says Aussie MP

There are still individuals in the world who will stand against the rise of modern Nazis like those environmentalists who want planet Earth to confront issues of pollution. Australian Senator Barnaby Joyce is among those who has principles and wants the world to know he will not back down anymore than George Bush has ever backed down from believing in WMD. Senator Joyce told the media, he belived those who seek to cut emissions in the name of environment are out to take jobs away from Australians and are just like Nazis who killed millions of Jews in the Holocaust. He warned of the rise of “eco-totalitarianism” and promised his constituents that he would not be “goose stepping” with modern Nazis.

I’m glad to find there are still some people in this world who have principles and will stand by them regardless of the fact their words are ridiculous, insulting and reflect ignorance and stupidity.

Which Nations Blamed For Failure to Act on Nazis?

The Simon Wesenthal Center has listed Norway, Sweden and Estonia among nations not doing enough to identify and prosecute Nazi criminals. Several nations are accused of not utilizing existing legal procedures in order to investigate and prosecute suspected Nazi war criminals. Norway and Sweden were placed in the F-1 category which places issues of principle as being obstacles to getting Nazi war criminals placed in jail. The entire issue of dealing with individuals who were part of the Nazi regime arouses emotions from those whose grandparents suffered through the horror of the Holocaust as well as those whose grandparents were the ones carrying out genocidal policies of the Holocaust.

In theory it would be justice if every single ex-Nazi who participated in slaughter was placed on trial and sentenced to some form of punishment. Sixty years have passed and the perpetrators are old, and some senile. How does one deal with individuals in this state of health who participated in atrocities?

Hamas Official Condemns Holocaust Deniers

The London-based Guardian publishd an op-ed piece by the Hamas minister of health and information in Gaza in which he attacks those in the Muslim world who deny the existance of the Holocaust. “The Holocaust was not only a crime against humanity but one of the most abhorent crimes in modern history,” according to Dr. Basseing Naeem. He specifically referred to a documentay aired on April 18 on Hamas’ Al Aqsa television which claimed Jewish leaders concocted the mass murder of handicapped Jews in order to keep from having to support them, and that this murder was what the Jews term, “the Holocaust.”

Naeem said that Hamas does not support those who deny the Holocaust. “We condemn it(Holocaust denying) as we condemn every abuse of humanity and all forms of discrimination on the basis of religion, race, gender or nationality.” However, he also came out against Jews who use the Holocaust as an excuse to brutalize the Palestinian people. He specifically expressed and “warmly welcome the outspoken support for Palestinian rights by Israel and Jewish human rights activists in Palestine and around the world.”

Most probably those who reject efforts to dialogue with Hamas will denigrate the comments of Naeem even though they represent a dramatically different attitude from that expressed by President Ahmadinejad of Iran. The door to dialogue is open, will Israel leaders walk through it.