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Can People Enjoy Ecstasy Or Not?

British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is in the center of a controversy over the use of the drug ecstasy. An Advisory Council recommended that it be downgraded from a class A drug but she over ruled their advice and made clear it remained where it was as a class A drug. Professor David Nutt of the Advisory Council was told by the Home Office that its scientific evidence indicates that ecstasy poses a significant public health issue. The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) disagrees and does not believe ecstasy is anywhere near as dangerous as heroin or crack cocaine and should be downgraded to a class B status along with cannabis. This is the second time Smith has gone against advice of the group and last year disagreed with its advice about cannabis.

The ACMD report claims there are few adverse physical and mental health effects posed by ecstasy and reports only indicate at most it has caused the death of about 30 deaths a year. After all, in the United States over 40,000 die in automobile accidents each year but cars keep on being driven. Isn’t it time to allow individuals to make decisions regarding their drug use?

What Has Happened To British Humanity For Refugees?

Throughout the past two hundred years asylum seekers from all corners of the globe always knew that Great Britain would open its arms in welcome for those who needed refugee from tyranny. Karl Marx enjoyed the protection of England against German officials. But, today, the Home Office made clear it would ignore last minute pleas from asylum seekers for a chance to get support from courts. The British government has hired a charted plane to take back to brutality or death people who had come to England in hope of respect for their rights. According to the Home Office, it may, “in line with enforcement operational instructions, decide not to defer removal in the face of a last-minute threat or application to seek permission for judicial review.”

Supporters of Nigerians who fear returning home believe the Home Office letter was intimidating and a threat of action regardless of the need for further study. England has hundreds of thousands of immigrants but according to the Home Office a few hundred more will undermine the nation.

Cry the Beloved Country… Of Zimbabwe

Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Great Britain has been leading the fight to end the tyrannical regime of President Mugabe of Zimbabwe, but for some reason he has yet to inform his Home Office of the true nature of the thug who is in control of Zimbabwe. On April 11, he said: “I am appalled by the signs that this regime is again resorting to intimidation and violence.” But, even as he spoke, the Home Office was attempting to send 11,000 asylum seekers in the UK back home to the intimidation and violence the Home Office apparently doesn’t believe exists. Many asylum seekers have received letters from the British government stating bluntly, “you must leave the United Kingdom… there is no right to appeal against this decision.”

John Waite of the Independent Asylum Commission says Zimbabwean refugees in Britain are destitute and he daily encounters stories of them sleeping in parks or on a friend’s sofa since they lack money and are afraid to ask for official assistance.

What has happened to the Socialist heritage of the British Labor Party? The Labor Party once stood solidly behind the right of people to be free of tyranny. Gordon Brown and his party have lost their souls and it is no wonder his popularity ratings have sunk to new lows.

British Courts Defend Rights Of Immigrants!

The British Home Office has been attempting to impose tougher requirements on immigrants who entered the nation under provisions of the Higher Skills Migrant Programme, but their efforts were ended by a court decision which insisted migrants had met the criteria that was originally established for their presence and had a right to reman in a permanent status. The new regulations of the Home Office were declared to be illegal since the overwhelming majority of migrants had successfully met all requirements for permanent residency. The court argued the Home Office was focusing on problems they were encountering with a few residents and then subjecting all migrants to the necessity of reapplying even though they originally had met the requirements.

The court was clear as to the problem, saying there was “no good reason why those already in the scheme shall not enjoy the benefits of it as orgininally offered to them.” It appears in modern times, governments insist on regarding large numbers of people as problems because of the actions of a few. For example, a single man tried doing something with his shoe and now milliions have to take off their shoes when boarding a plane. Most skilled migrants to Great Britain benefit the nation, be happy about it.