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Obama, A President Who Cares About VETS

After years of Bush inaction, the nation is finally led by a president who has a genuine commitment to those who served the nation. Under Bush, it became more difficult for veterans to secure medical treatment because Republicans established income requirements in order to gain access to VA hospital and medical treatment. Obama promised to “break down the hurdles that exist between veterans and VA.” He also made clear these barriers would not quickly come down and “this is multiyear project” in order to secure a Veterans Administration in which “human issues are dealt with in the most thoughtful and effective way as possible.”

An important new thrust of the VA under Obama is to address issues relating to homeless vets. “I think a lot of the reason people fall through the cracks is historically sometimes VA has sat back and waited for people to come to them”

Hopefully, a new day is borning for those who served their country.