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Britain Returning Homosexuals To Prison Or Death!

A new report by Stonewall reveals there has been a systematic policy pursued regarding gay and lesbian asylum seekers under the Labor government which results in returning those who face prison and other forms of punishment because they are homosexuals. Home Secretary Theresa May who just assumed office has promised to rethink this policy and make certain that no one who is returned to their nation of origin will face punishment for an act that is not illegal in the United Kingdom. The “No Going Back” report says there has been a “systematic discrimination” policy in effect which resulted in 76.5% of those claiming fear due to their sexual orientation being returned to nations like Uganda where homosexuality can result in long prison sentences.

One asylum seeker was asked by an investigator, “why do you choose to be a homosexual when you know that is illegal in your country?” It is this type of insensitivity which has resulted in forcing people back into punishment and prison. Hopefully, the Cameron/Clegg government will restore the right of humanity to the UK.

Malawi Male Couple Sentenced To Jail

Christian missionaries in the 19th century brought their version of morality to the “backward” peoples of Africa including a strong prejudice against homosexual behavior. There is scant evidence strong hostility toward homosexuals was common in most African societies, but today about 37 African nations have laws which make illegal any homosexual act, and a proposed law in Uganda will even allow a death penalty for “repeat offenders.” During the past few weeks the world has been horrified at a trial in Malawi in which two males were charged with “gross indecency” for announcing their love. Stephen Monjeza and Tiwange Chimbalanga held a public wedding in December at which they “married.” They were arrested and yesterday the verdict was guilty of being a homosexual.

Anti-homosexual acts are common in African nations and there have been numerous examples in South Africa in which gangs assault “lesbians” for what they term, “corrective rape.” Both men will most probably spend years in jail even though there is not the slightest evidence they ever actually engaged in a sexual act with one another. Actually, all they did was “announce love,” but if they had sex it was in private. Homophobia rules in Africa. Isn’t it wonderful Africans were introduced to the morality of Christianity?

Pope Benedict–It’s Gays Who Threaten Planet Earth

The world is experiencing a severe economic downturn which has led to the loss of jobs and incomes on the part of millions. Global warming continues with large areas of polar regions undergoing being turned into areas in which farming could begin. But, to Pope Benedict, the real enemy of humankind is– homosexuality!! In a Christmas address he said humanity had to listen to the “language of creation” to understand the roles of men and women, and that any gay or lesbian behavior was “a destruction of God’s work.” He called upon the Church to protect man from the “destruction of himself” and said that might be even more important than destruction of the rainforests. Rev. Sharon Ferguson of he Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement termed the Pope’s remarks, “totally irresponsible and unacceptable in any shape or form.”

There are many societies in which being a gay or lesbian poses threats of being murdered by fanatical haters of anyone who is not “right” about sexual orientation. The remarks of he Pope are shocking because he is in one form or another giving credence to those who wish to kill homosexuals. He is spreading fear at a time when a head of a church should be spreading he word of Jesus Christ to love one another. It is remarks like this of the Pope that eventually will result in formation of an American Catholic Church.

Iraq Journalist Jailed For Writing About Homosexuality

George Bush has continually claimed the United States invaded Iraq in order to bring the benefits of democracy, but present day Iraq continues to abuse the rights of women, and in a recent case, the right of freedom of the press. Reporters Without Borders, which protects journalism freedom, has called for the release of a freelance journalist who was jailed in northern Iraq for the crime of writing a story about homosexuality. Abdel Hussein was sentenced on November 24 to six months in jail and ordered to pay a $165 fine for writing an article that discusses the meaning of homosexuality. The international monitoring group stated it was “astonished to learn that a press case has been tried under a criminal code. What was the point of adopting– and then liberalising — a press code in the Kurdistan region if people who contribute to the news media are still being tried under more repressive laws?”

The reporter was tried under provisions of a 1969 penal code. The present law requires a representative of the journalist organization must attend trials involving journalists, but none was allowed in the court.

Such is life in “free Iraq” which celebrates democracy.

Indonesian Muslim Group Recognizes Homosexuality

In a discusson organized by the non government organization, Arus Pelangi, Muslim scholars cited the Koran in order to cite reasons why homosexual behavior is recognized as being consistent with the Muslim faith. Siti Musdah Mula, of the Indonesia Conference of Religions and Peace, cited the Koran’s al-Hujurt(49.3) as indicating “there is no difference between lesbians and nonlesbians in the eyes of God, people are valued on the basis of their piety.” Many speakers at the meeting said the significance of Islam is a receptivity to divergent beliefs. Another speaker pointed out “Indonesian culture has accepted homosexuality. The homosexual group in Bugis-Makassar tradition called Bissu is respected and given a high position in the kingdom.”

Many in the Western world tend to accept the views of radical militants as representing those of the majority of Muslims. Nations like Indonesia which contains the largest Muslim group in the world are ignored even though their approach to religion is more open and tolerant because it doesn’t fit into the stereotype of bomb throwing militants.