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Dishonor Of Honor Killing

I confess to being a bigot who thinks some religions have weird ideas regarding the status of women and to argue for it on grounds that God wants it that way suggests you have a pipeline that no one else has to the Big Guy in the sky. Tulay Goren was killed on January 7, 1999 after she ran away from home to marry a man who was also a Kurd, but he was also a Sunni Mulsim unlike the Alevis Muslims of her clan. Police believe the body was temporarily hidden in a garden and then removed to a place which has never been found. Her father, Mehmet Goren was convicted of murder and faces a 22 year sentence.

Tulay’s mother saw her daughter tied up the day before the murder. At one point, she looked directly at her husband and asked: “Look at my face. What did you do to Tulay?” But, the father believed in the code of namus, or honor, and thought he had a right to kill his daughter if she defiled the family name by marrying a Muslim from the wrong group. I have always wondered if there is an honor code which allows a daughter to kill her father if he violates their dignity. Just wondering.