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Death Of A Baby

It is not a story that will ever appear on the front pages of a major newspaper. A baby died yesterday. The baby was two days old. She arrived in the world, cried, shut her eyes, and fell asleep. Her mother was unwed because the father had been called away to military service and unable to get married on time. The girl’s family had the baby delivered in a public clinic and persuaded the doctor not to record the birth. Later, at home, the family gathered and discussed how this two day old baby had case dishonor on the family name. It was decided the only way to maintain “honor” was to drown the baby. After the baby was drowned, she was buried in a garden and concrete poured over her body.

This is simply another story about death on planet Earth. Most probably, other babies will be killed in the name of “honor” or “peace” or “security” or whatever. After all, this is planet Earth on which babies are killed in the name of honor.

By the way, aliens DO NOT make visits to this planet. Who would want to visit a planet on which babies are killed in the name of “honor?”

“Honor” Killing In Germany

There is something perverse about use of the word, “honor” to describe a father or brother or cousin who decides to kill a fellow family member because of some alleged horrible crime such as dating someone not of the group or getting married or having an abortion. A 50 year old father was shocked to learn his twenty year old daughter had an abortion and decided he must protect the “honor” of his family against such a shameful action. Together with the twin brother of Guissun Semin, they lured her to a forest area, and then proceeded to strangle the young woman. But, their “honor” still was not satisfied and after she was dead they took a club and beat her face and body to show God or whoever that the family “honor” had been preserved.

The father received a sentence of life in jail, his son got nine years and a Russian accomplice received seven years. The murder occurred in Germany which punishes such actions, but if they had carried out the murder in Jordan or Saudi Arabia, they probably would be celebrating he New Year.