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Madness Of “Honor Killing” Exemplified!

There are all too many people in Muslim and other communities who believe men have the right to defend their honor, regardless of the cost to females. A 16 year old Jordanian girl was asked by her cousin to marry him, but she did not find him an attractive suitor so she agreed to marry another relative. According to Jordanian law, a girl under 16 requires permission from the court to marry and the girl secured such support. On the day of her wedding, the cousin and his brother stormed into the affair, and he stabbed the girl several times in front of everyone on grounds that his “honor” had been sullied by the girl. After all, when a man wants to marry a cousin and she refuses the only solution is—death!

Fortunately, sanity prevailed in Jordan and in a rare case of common sense, the court sentenced the man of honor to death by hanging and his brother was given a fifteen year sentence at hard labor. How about making all “honor killings” dishonorable acts by sentencing perpetrators to prison or death?

Killing For A Name Is Killing A Name

Kamaker Singh Dhillon was an immigrant from India who help arrange a marriage for his son with a girl from India. She joined the family in Toronto, got married, had a child and apparently were headed for a good life. But, Dhillon became convinced that his daughter-in-law was having an affair with a man so he did what a man who wants to protect his good name had to do –repeatedly plunge his knife into her body until she lay in a bloody heap on the floor. After being arrested this man of “honor” claimed Amandeep Kaur Dhillon had smeared his family name by her sexual escapades and even argued she wanted to sleep with him. He also claimed during the murder she had grabbed his knife and tried to stab him which is the factor that drove him into a rage.

As is so often the case in these “honor murders” the murderer kills without knowledge because in their minds is always a haunting sense that a woman can not be trusted. Police found no evidence the murdered woman had any affair, but they also found evidence Mr. Dhillon had wounded himself in an effort to build a case to defend himself. The only one who had any family “honor” was the murdered woman.

A Mother In India Fights For Justice Against Honor Killing

Chandrapati is a mother in a small village in India where she lived with two daughters and her two sons. One son, Manoj, fell in love with a girl from the village whose father opposed their decision to marry. One day, parents of the girl murdered her along with the husband. Chandrapati soon discovered the village had turned against her when she filed charges with the police to get the murderers arrested. In this village, no one had ever been jailed for killing a daughter who had disobeyed parents. She was ostracized by her fellow visitors. “No one even talks with us.” but due to media coverage the police finally had to accept her complaint and initiate an investigation.

The girl’s father initially charged her with being the murderer and then he offered to pay money, but the death of a son could not be satisfied with blood money. For the first time, a court found an honor killer guilty of murder. “Had I not fought, it would have worsened and they’d have chased us out of the village.”

To this fighting mother, “to those who want to fight should now know they can.” A small victory, but a first step in the battle to end honor killing, or should we say, “dishonor killing.”

Dishonor Of Honor Murder

Reading Muslim newspapers invariably results in encountering stories concerning the murder of a young woman who was identified by family members as guilty of immodest behavior. It could have been seen chatting with a man not of the family or going on a date with a man who was not approved by the family or some such blatant disregard for proper behavior. In Jordan, an 18 year-old man was sentenced to a ten year term for the brutal murder of his sister. They lived together and one night at dinner got into an argument. The brother picked up a knife and several times plunged it into the body of his sister. All he told police was that she was guilty of “immoral behavior.”

it is always fascinating how Muslim men discover immorality among women, but for some strange reason similar behavior has never been noticed among men. In theory, Jordan has a death penalty for murder, but as far as anyone recalls it has never been applied to an “honor killing.” The day Jordan sentences to death an honor killer will be the day Jordan gains honor in the world.

Dishonor Of Honor Killings

At least once a week or it could be daily, a story appears in a Muslim newspapers concerning a father or brother or uncle or whoever decided to take justice into his own hands and kill a wife or sister or daughter in order to avenge “family honor.” A 19 year old man in Jordan turned himself into the police and admitted he stabbed to death his 22 year old sister because she was absent from home too often without being able to explain where she was or what she was doing. The Jordan criminal code recognizes killing a delinquent member of the family can be regarded as an “honor killing” which automatically does not have it classified as deliberate murder. The young man undoubtedly will be out of jail years before he spends the 10 years to which he was sentenced.

As an outsider to the world of honor killing, my question is: are there occasions in which behavior of a male member of the family can be construed as violation of the family’s honor?

Horror Of Honor Killings In Jordan

For the second time this month a Jordanian woman was brutally slain by family members who claimed the right to kill on the basis of their “honor.” Three brothers, all under age 30, agreed to kill their forty year old divorced sister because she had a “bad reputation.” The mother of five was stabbed about 15 times and her body was then burned. The men told police they had found a picture of their sister sitting with a man. After burning her body they set afire the house–fortunately, they did not blame the five children for the “evil acts” of their mother.

The men were arrested at a hospital where they had gone to have burns treated and they readily confessed because in their twisted mind killing an innocent woman is the surest path to reach heaven. When will Muslim religious leaders stand up and condemn such crimes. At most the three brothers will spend a few months in jail and then return in triumph to their neighborhood. It is time the Muslim religion banned such actions of murder.

Is “Honor Killing” An Honor For Anyone?

The Muslim world has yet to confront human rights issues connected to the concept of “honor killing.” A Jordanian youth has been charged with premeditated murder of his divorced 17 year old sister because “she knew too many men.” Of course, if the family made her visit with men of their choosing that would be considered proper behavior. Murder is punishable by the death penalty in Jordan, but this young man will never be sentenced to death and most probably will spend a few months in jail before returning to his joyous family.

About 15- 20 women are murdered each year in Jordan as the result of “honor killings.” In July, a 20 year-old man smashed his married sister in the head with a rock because he claimed she was guilty of “immoral behavior.” Will there ever be a time when “honor” is respected in the Muslim world?

Another Brave Muslim Man Kills Raped Girl

There is no question the meaning of “honor” in many Muslim societies differs fundamentally from those in other parts of the world. Of course, the vast majority of Muslims do not adhere to the ancient barbaric ritual of killing a girl who for one reason or another “dishonored” the family’s name. A 41 year old man in Jordan has been charged with premeditated murder after he killed his 16 year old niece who was raped. The man was arrested and charged after he placed eight bullets into the girl’s body making sure that a different part of her body received its individual bullet. He claimed his act was noble because she allowed herself to be raped and in so doing besmirched the proud name of the family.

The girl was raped last year and gave birth two months ago to a boy. The family has decided to keep the little boy, but apparently their “compassion” does not extend to the mother. Of course, in Jordan, it is rare for a murderer who kills a girl and claims “honor” to ever serve jail time.

I wonder why men in the Muslim religion are never killed for acts of dishonoring their family name?

Horror Of Honor Killing!

Once again the world has to read about an example of a father or mother or brother or uncle or cousin who decides a female in their Muslim family did something inappropriate which means they must be killed. Jawdat Naijar discovered his 27 year-old daughter owned a cell phone which led him to the logical conclusion she was up to no good. He suspected she committed the heinous crime of using the phone to talk to a man–a man, that is, who was not a member of the family. Mr. Naijar proudly turned himself in to the police and they soon found the battered body of his daughter, her head and face were bloodied and her entire body was covered with bruises. It appears dad beat her with an iron chain and punched his own daughter for about forty minutes–all in the name of “family honor.”

The usual “punishment” for honor killings in Gaza ranges from about six months to three years in prison. Unfortunately, the daughter is dead because she had the unfortunate honor of being born into a family of thugs and killers.

P.S. How come no men are beaten with chains and killed because they had sex with single women?


I confess to never having been raised as a member of a religion which gave me the right as a male to kill a female member of my family because she had violated something termed the “family honor.” I confess to never having been raised as a member of a religion which allowed me to serve as investigative officer, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, jury and judge in determining the guilt or innocence of a female member of my family regarding her behavior. The family originally came from Kabul in Afghanistan. Montreal residents Mohammed Shafi, his wife Tooba Mohammed Yhaya and their 18 year-old son, Hamid Mohammed Shafi, have been charged with first degree murder in connection with the death of their three teen-age girls whose bodies were found in a car submerged in a canal. The girls ranged in age from 13 to 19. According to an email sent by Mohammed’s sister Diba Masoomi, who lives in France, the girls were killed in accordance with issues of the family’s “honor.”

At some point, Muslims must confront the reality that somehow their religion provides sanction to those who do not grasp the meaning of being Muslim that one can kill family members on the basis of how they behave. I do not believe any religion justifies this form of barbarism, but for some reason, there are Muslims who have gained this viewpoint. There is no “honor” in killing girls whose behavior is not considered appropriate. For some reason, the concept of “honor” never appears to apply to male members of the family. I wonder why?