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The Dishonor Of Honor Killings

All immigrations invariably result in cultural conflicts between those who were here and those who are new to the area. The issue of “honor killings” continues to reflect a divide between fundamentalist Muslims and the greater European population. A Kurdish-German girl threw herself into becoming part of German culture and in the process angered her parents and brother. They insisted she had to marry a man whom they had chosen and when she refused there was anger and conflict. At some point she admitted to having been pregnant and an abortion, actions which meant she could not be married to a “decent man.” Finally, her brother lured her to a field, strangled his sister and added some hard blows to get across his point because she had “sullied the family honor.”

There is no problem understanding the culture of another group, but accepting their views is another issue. As an outsider, one is shocked that only women have the capacity to “sully the family honor,” and men are never guilty of such an offense. Males can sleep around all they wish, but once a woman has sexual contact the family is now “shamed.” The real tragedy of such stories is the inability of Muslim men to recognize their hypocrisy.

Dishonor Of Honor Killing In Turkey

Naile Erdas was a sixteen year-old girl who found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and was assaulted and raped which resulted in a pregnancy. She feared letting anyone in her family know what happened and hid the pregnancy until she finally went to a hospital. When the doctors told family members she was pregnant they promised they would not hurt the girl so the hospital released her in custody of the family. Within two hours of returning “home” she was shot dead by her brother. Ordinarily, honor killings in Muslim nations result in minimal punishment for the killers, but the Turkish court decided it was time to end such atrocities and sentenced father, mother, and two uncles to life in prison while a third uncle received a 16 year sentence for failing to report the murder.

The idea of even terming such murders, an “honor killing” insults every definition of justice in the world. Women have been killed for marrying the wrong boy or for talking with a stranger, but there are no cases of a Muslim man being “honor killed” for adultery or talking with women or getting a girl pregnant. This is a sickening story of human brutality.

Pakistan Women Furious Over Cabinet Selections!

Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani has been appointed to the position of Minister of Education in the Pakistan Cabine. He previously was charged with presiding over a “jirga” at which he gave away five young girls as a form of compensation. The girls ranged in age from two to five, and this man is expected to be a leader in the field of education! A colleague, Irarullah Zehri, was appointed to the position of handling postal services. He recently made headlines for defending the burying alive of five women in an “honor killing” claim. In defending the burial of the girls, he said: “these are centuries -old traditions nd I will continue to defend them. Only those who indulge in immoral acts should be afraid. According to Samar Minallah a human rights campaigner, “it is a very clear message from the government that they don’t care about these things. Ironically, Bijarani is a powerful figure in the supposedly progressive Pakistan People’s Party which once was led by Benazir Bhutto.

There is no question if Bhutto was alive today she would have opposed the selection of two such men, but her husband apparently believes a 21st century nation can have its education system headed by a medieval minded anti-feminine bigot.

Dishonor Of Honor Killings

An eighteen year old girl named Maha decided she wanted to cease being involved in prostitution that her family insisted she pursue in order to earn money. Her brother killed Maha in the name of defending his family’s “honor” against her dishonor. It is difficult to ascertain the actual number of “honor killings” in Jordan but some estimate it might range between 15 to 20 a year. Maha’s brother was a drug addict who ran the family’s prostitution ring. After killing his sister, he turned himself in blaming his sister’s behavior for his need to kill her. The brother was sentenced to a two year jail sentence for the murder. Judge Jehad Oteibi, says many such “honor killings” are simply an excuse to cover up other factors.

Rights Watch believes 95% of women killed in Jordan in 1997 were subsequently proved not to have been guilty of any sexual misconduct. Their studies reveal male judges display more empathy for the murderer than to the female who is murdered. According to Article 340 of the penal code, a defendant who “surprises is wife or any close female relative” in an act of adultery may invoke a defense of “crime of honor” if they kill the woman.

One can only wonder if a woman has the right to invoke “honor killing” if she finds her husband in the act of adultery.

Iraqi Father Who Killed Daughter A Free Man!

Among the reasons for the invasion of Iraq was to end a dictatorial regime and bring to that nation the semblance of a democratic government. Two weeks after the British newspaper, the Observer, revealed that an Iraqi father had killed his daughter because she had fallen in love with a British soldier, the man remains free and at home. Abdel-Qadaer, stamped on, suffocated and then stabbed his daughter to death, but today he is not charged with any crime. The government employee was initially arrested, but released within two hours. He said police congragulated him on his action because he was upholding family honor.

Rand Abdel-Qader, was a 17 year-old student stludying English at Basra University, who was working with needy families when she met the British soldier. According to the girl’s best friend, they talked but never dated nor did they have any sexual relations even though Rand had fallen in love with the boy. Her father saw her talking in public with Paul whom he regarded as part of the group which were enemies of his nation as well as being Christian. He attacked his daughter with the assistance of his two sons despite pleas from the mother to cease.

According to the Iraqi government employee: “I don’t have a daughter now, and I prefer to say that I never had one. That girl humiliated me in front of my family and friends. Speaking with a foreign soldier, she lost what is the most precious thing for any woman…That daughter was a mistake in my life.”

The Iraqi government has asked him to leave his position due to the bad publicity but he will continue drawing his salary.

Swedish Migration Board Might Migrate To Iraq

The Swedish Migration Board unboubtedly has been spending too much time in Stockholm and might benefit from a trip to the southern climes of hot and dusty Iraq. An Iraqi woman is going to be deported back home where she faces the prospect of being the victim of an honor killing, but, according to the Migration Board, all is well and peaceful in quiet Iraq. The Board has decided that reduction in violence in northern Iraq has been so powerful, that no one is really at risk living in that location. This decision was made against efforts of the Swedish Foreign Ministry and the Red Cross which spoke about the dangers confronting the woman upon arrival in Iraq.

The Migration Board expert on Iraq stated that Iraq authorities can give the woman “reasonably effective protection against criminality.” We suggest a program be initiated to send this gentleman on an all expense free trip to northern Iraq where he can enjoy pleasant strolls through cities without fear of any danger. On the other hand, ducking might be a wiser policy.

Fight Honor Killing Says Muslim Cleric

One of Britain’s leading Muslims has called upon his community to rise up against a cultue of fear and help end forced marriages after the recent case in which a 17 year-old Muslim girl was found murdered after she refused family demands to marry the son of an uncle. Dr. Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, head of the Muslim Parliament in Britain, said he was convinced the girl was “unlawfuly killed” and the issue of a forced marriage was apparently a major issue in the conflict between family and daughter. Siddiqui said, “I think relatives won’t speak out becasue they are scared. Somebody in the family disappears, relatives must have been concerned. But they would no co-operate with the police. The family and those who were close were not willing to come forward. That’s why many of these murders are unresolved. There are now 12 case a year on average.”

The issue of “honor killing” might first be addressed by changing its name to “murder.” There is no “honor” in killing a defenseless girl.