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Saudi Princess Seeks UK Asylum Over Adultery Issue

Once upon a time a beautiful young princess met a nice man, they fell in love, had sex, and she had to return to the home of her husband. Her elderly hubby began to suspect foul play so the beautiful princess fled, not to a forest where she could find safety in the arms of a woodsman, but to the island of Great Britain. The UK has granted a Saudi Arabian princess asylum because if she returns home the prospect of being stoned or flogged to death or being subject of an “honor killing” are her most likely fate. It appears this is not the first case of asylum being given Saudi women who were indiscreet in their social lives. The British government keeps all such requests secret to avoid antagonizing the corrupt Saudi Arabian government which has oil.

A nation with abundant resources of oil does not have to enjoy bountiful supply of ethical behavior and respect for human decency. Last week in Saudi Arabia, our ally in the fight against terrorism, two sisters endured “honor killings” for the horrible crime of being seen in the company of two men. For those of us not members of the Muslim religion, it is unfortunate that so much of what we hear concerning this religion consists of killings, people being stoned and beheadings. It would be wonderful to come across stories of a women who was seen walking with a strange man is given a reward for being honest about her feelings and her two idiot brothers who wanted to kill her are sent to jail for an indefinite length of time.

Honor Killing Figures Rise In Denmark

The growth in Muslim population in Denmark has resulted in an increase in concern about the concept of “honor killings” among inhabitants. Over the past four years there has been almost a three hundred percent increase in calls for help from women and over 400 crimes registered that related to this issue. Kristeligt Degblad newspaper reports the National Organization of Shelters for Battered Women and Their Children (LOKK) counselled 101 people in 2005 who knew someone or who were themselves trapped in such a situation. Many of the calls come from young Muslim immigrant women who have met and fallen in love with a Danish man and now find themselves threatened by family members.

According to LOKK personnel, “there have been threats about locking them up or sending them back to their homeland. We also see threats of violence.” Since 2006, the National Police’s investigation unit has registered more than 400 honor crimes in Denmark ranging from threats and violence to forced marriage.

Another Honor Killing In Pakistan!

A Pakistan man says hie 17 year-old daughter was mauled by dogs and shot to death in front of him over a land dispute which was disguised as an “honor Killing.” Female senators staged a walkout from the Pakistan Parliament to protest the nonstop “honor killings: which are carried out by men who unilaterally decide if a woman has conducted herself according to their standards. Lawmaker, Semi Siddiqui, said, “How long will woman be buried alive and made to face hungry dogs? Women are not given their rights.” She made the comment after learning from a newspaper story about the death of Tasleem Solangi who was killed in March, but the event kept secret. Human rights groups in Pakistan believe hundreds of women are killed every year on ground of “honor violations.”

Last August, a Pakistani legislator aroused the fury of many fundamentalist Muslims because he recounted the deaths of five women who were buried alive for daring to decide which man they would marry.

The tragedy of Pakistan is linked to the tragedy daily inflicted upon its women who are forced to adhere to medieval ways of thinking and behaving by men who want power to control women. A 17 year old girl is killed months ago, and the police are finally getting around to investigate the crime.

Forced Marriages Major Issue In Modern UK

During the past half century, Great Britain has welcomed to its shores thousands of immigrants from southeast Asia and the Middle East. A majority of these immigrants have successfully integrated their lives within the context of 21st century life, but large numbers cling to traditions and values of their home countries. Hundreds of children from these families, fearing for their lives are taking advantage of a new hot line called Honour Network which provides information and assistance. Many callers seek to escape parental pressure to enter unwanted marriages or fear if they become pregnant a family member will kill them in accordance with the concept of “honor killing.”

The latest figures indicate 62 calls are made each week, one in ten being under the age of 16 and one 14 year-old said she feared being murdered because she had become pregnant. The network is run by the charity Karma Nirvana and is funded by the government Forced Marriage Unit. The charity was founded by Kasvinder Sanghera, who was disowned by her family for refusing a forced marriage. She believes the actual number of forced marriages is much higher than what is revealed by the phone calls. “These numbers will be just the tip of the iceberg.”

Most callers say the source of violence against them comes from family members more often than husbands. Ms. Sanghera says, “it shows how violence is being perpetrated by the entire community.” The issue is how does one best avoid the emergence of such attitudes in a modern post industrial society?

Pakistan Women Rights Violated In Brutal Manner

The American press reports about current efforts to create a stable democratic government in Pakistan even as squabbling and arguing over power makes a mockery of the democratic process. However, there is less reporting about continued abuse of Pakistan women in this supposedly “democratic nation.” Naseerabad police this week arrested seven suspects who are charged with killing three girls and two women who helped them to marry men who were not the choice of their fathers. The girls were shot and buried alive. The fathers of the three girls and brothers are among those arrested in this latest example of “honor killings.”

An adviser to the Interior minister said an investigation has been ordered into the killings. “We want facts. This isn’t a European society. We’re a different society, but violence against women cannot be tolerated either in the name of culture or religion.” The Women’s Action forum demanded immediate action. “Are Pakistani women not human beings? The government needs to provide immediate answers and to take urgent action.”

More than 4,000 women have been killed in Pakistan in recent years, most of them occurring in rural areas of the nation. Pakistan male leaders argue over the spoils of politics while Pakistani women are subjected to medieval minded men.